Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Back!!!

"Now she's back from the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey-hey-hey.
She wears high heels while she does tae bo and tells me that there's room to grow, hey-hey-hey."
-Barefoot Hippie Girl's paraphrase

I shall return. -General Douglas McArthur

Well, like General McArthur, I did return. We are back on US soil. Safe and sound and so thankful.

LC asked me on the plane if people were going to be speaking the language we know when we got here. Hmmm...

I'm back...

-Back to people who speak English-as their first language.

-Back to somewhat sane drivers, who don't rely on their horns as the universal language.

-Back to snow and frigid temperatures.

-Back to paperwork and taxes.

-Back to school.

-Back to meat consumption. I was distinctly lacking in beef. But, I have put that behind me with a 12 ounce prime rib.
gorgeous Borneo sunset

-Back to friends who bless my socks off.

-Back to newly refinished dining room floors, painted and recovered dining room chairs. I asked a friends to do the floors while we were gone. They are now an amazing distressed look. Absolutely beautiful!

On my immediate to-do list was felting the bottom of my chairs so they wouldn't scrape the floors. My friend did that. And she recovered the seats. And painted the wood. That made me cry. Good tears.

This was the same friend, Ann, who wrote this post, while I was gone. Wise, and she does floors and chairs.=)

I will post pictures later-after I find the camera.

-Back to dinner and breakfast in the fridge. (same friend)

-Back to my time zone, though I am definitely still on the Asia Pacific zone. If I am posting in the middle of the night still for a while, you know why.

-Back to 24 hour Meijers stores. Everything I can possibly want-under one roof.

-Back to efficient shopping. Hello Aldi!

-Back to a virtual mountain of laundry. But, thankfully-back to a washer and dryer!!!

-Back to a "welcome home" banner across my door.

-Back to another virtual mountain-of mail. All sorted, now I just have to take a look at bills. I threw away a month of junk already.

-Back to a couple checks from some friends who wanted to contribute monetarily to our trip. Wow! God provides.

-Back to a new Cradle Rock Garth Brooks c.d.. Look for a review on this product from Amanda at Life Edited in the next week or so.

God is faithful-through it all.
Look carefully above the rainbow...there is another.

-Back to shoes. I have replaced my sandals with shoes-for another few weeks. Going to lose those sandal line tans.

-Back to my tempur pedic mattress. Can I get an amen? AMEN!!!