Friday, February 22, 2013

Chaos Theory

Good morning, friends!

It is 7:00 here in the Eastern Time Zone, and I have been awake for 2 hours.

There is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground that fell overnight. I have declared a snow day. Really it is a still recovering from a month long trip and jet lag day. But snow day sounds pretty legit.

We are getting our bodies back on track. We took a long nap yesterday afternoon, and then everyone but Meres woke up for dinner. I went out for coffee and dessert with the bff for some good girl talk time. Mr. Hippie and the offspring were sleeping by 8:30.

bedroom chaos.

And everyone slept until 5:00 or 5:30 this morning. Pretty good, I'd say. Getting back in the groove...

When I crashed last night, I had two choices-write my post for today or ride the sleep wave. I chose to sleep while tired.

This morning, when my alarm went off, I again had two choices-write my post or feed my soul. Feeding my soul won out. I think I made the better choice both times.

dresser chaos. sigh...

So, you may get this in your inbox a little later than normal, but that is okay. I can't draw from reserves that have been drained dry.

I drank a cup of coffee and read my Bible, with my notebook and pen nearby. Not for great devotional thoughts, but to jot down lists. What needs to happen. What I need to remember.

Now I feel fed and organized. Ready to face this day.

Beautiful chairs. I wish I had a before and after. Such a wonderful surprise!

I did get a lot done yesterday. Eyebrow wax and haircut (totally have my priorities in the right order=)). Unpacking 4-1/2 of the 6 suitcases we brought. Divvying up some gifts we brought home for friends. Buying Freckles a new winter coat. (had it in Japan, and it made it to the plane for Java. It wasn't with the rest of the coats when we went to pack up in Borneo.) Mailing a package for a friend that I carried from Indo.

new floors. Pic doesn't do them justice.
They are a nice brown with the dark undertones of the wood emphasized.
And so smooth.
I was so thankful to have dinner already prepared via my good friend. I plugged in her crockpot full of chili while I napped, and it was ready when we peeled our eyes open about 5:45 last night.

Things are getting done, yet my life and house seems rather chaotic still. And I don't do chaos very well. It was a challenge for me to climb into bed, both in the afternoon and last night, and ignore the piles still surrounding me.

Today I am going to attack the chaos once more. Find a place for everything, and (theoretically) put everything in its place.

I am writing, and then I am going to literally run to the chiropractor. I need to run as our long race is only 2-1/2 months away. And I need to visit my favorite chiro to get everything unseen back in their proper places. Combining...isn't that efficient?

I am going to grocery shop for the next week and a half, so I am working on the list.

this is what Meres wore all day yesterday. Winter coat, sleeper. Bare feet. Just like her mama.
And I get to have coffee with my good friend, Ann, this afternoon. I am looking forward to a heart to heart with her. About our trip, and ministry, and life and my cheese tasting party next weekend.

Needless to say, dinner is going to be a gimme. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens cookbook! You have once again come to the rescue.

our welcome home banner

I am looking forward to cooking again. I did very little while we were gone. And, you all know how I love to cook.

I am planning a whole 2 weeks worth of recipes that do NOT include rice. I am about riced out. It is a staple in Asia, and it was great. But I am looking forward to potatoes, and couscous, and even pasta.

I am thinking of new recipes to try. I am not going to share one of my tried and true recipes with you today, but I am going to share links and pics for two mushroom soup recipes that I am thinking of incorporating into my menu in the next cycle or two.

First is a White Bean and Roasted Mushroom Soup. It sounds delicious and easy.

Recipe here

The second is a White Wine and Mushroom Soup from (can you tell I have mushrooms on my mind?) I pinned this recipe before we left, and I am kind of glad it is wintery out still, so I can give this one a go.

recipe here

What new recipes have you tried lately? Tell me in the comments.