Monday, January 28, 2013

Murphy's Law

Have you ever heard of Murphy's law...what goes up, must come down? Oh wait, that's gravity. Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

For the common mortal female this translates to...

-the husband will shave once a week-on the day you scoured the sink. After you scour the sink.

-milk will be spilled at dinner. Dinner of the same day you washed the floor. For the first time in a month.

-someone will make smiley faces on the newly cleaned windows.

-your child will chip off the top of his brother's brand new adult tooth.

-someone will eat rice (or something equally messy) in the bi-annually vacuumed minivan-right after the biannual vacuuming.

-you will break the nicely manicured nail shutting the car door.

-you will put a run in your only pair of panty hose on the way out the door to a wedding or funeral.

-no matter how thorough your shopping list, you will still forget at least one thing. Ditto for the Christmas card list/people.

-if you don't water your garden because there is a 99% chance of rain, it won't rain.

-you will get sick when you attended holiday family functions.

-the pool/gym will be closed on the morning you refused to hit the snooze and actually jumped out of bed to exercise.

-you will not use something for years, get rid of it, and then need it the next week.

-you will think of the perfect gift and then not be able to find it anywhere.

-you will have a favorite dessert at a favorite restaurant and they will discontinue it.

Sigh...I told will find the glass half empty, when you thought it half full.=)

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But the Barefoot Hippies are heading towards balmy Java.

What phenomena of Murphy's law have you experienced?