Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I really like reading other people's Christmas traditions. It gets my creative juices flowing (we could try that!), or simply gives me a view into other's lives. I'm nosey by nature. So glimpses are great.

The Barefoot Hippies have a few holiday traditions, 90% of which revolve around food. Which is why we run, btw.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippie offspring sleep on the pullout couch in the glow of the lights of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. I am debating where Meres will be sleeping this year.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippie Girl and Mr. Hippie, eat Eggs Benedict for breakfast Christmas morning. We are working on the younger set, but they haven't been convinced. Happy Hollandaise!

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies spend Christmas Eve with the BFF and family, eating amazing appetizers.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies buy, never cut down, our tree on the first Saturday in December, and decorate it the Sunday after.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies read the Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas morning. With coffee in hand.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies open presents on Christmas morning. Never Christmas Eve. Not even when Christmas falls on a Sunday.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies celebrate Christmas evening with my brother, sil, and nieces from down the block. We do a simpler meal of ham, with potatoes and a vegetable. And leftovers from both our Christmas Eve celebrations.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippie Girl does one big holiday baking day. It happened last Friday. You can scroll down and see all the pics on yesterday's post.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippie read a lot of Christmas stories throughout December. And we usually watch a Christmas movie or two.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies keep our Christmas tree lights plugged in during all our waking hours. I love Christmas lights.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies wait to wrap their gifts until the 10th hour. They will probably get done Thursday night or Saturday night this week. It takes some fortification and Christmas tunes to make it feasible.

Traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies open our stockings first. I really don't know why. We just do.

Oh, and traditionally-the Barefoot Hippies do all this barefoot. Except for the tree buying.=)