Monday, November 19, 2012

Principle of Multiplication

In striving for normal the past few days, I've learned that normal isn't easy to come by. I am bone tired. Weary. Drained. Not much there to give.

We skipped church yesterday. We had excused ourselves from all of our responsibilities. We were going to attend and soak up but then Mr. Hippie decided that we all need to be home.

I mentioned on FB that we had a wedding to attend on Saturday. At the beginning of the week, I figured it would be a needed spot of happiness in our life.

When I got to Saturday I felt it was about more than I could handle. People asking me how I am doing. Old friends commenting that they had heard, and were praying. It was a hard, hard thing.

But, on the other hand, it was a blessing to be there.

This is a wonderful young couple. They love each other, and they truly love the Lord. And we are excited to see what their future holds.

the play dough wedding cake building competition. Our table's entry.

The young man has worked for our Hippie Roofing business for a couple years. I have actually known him longer than Mr. Hippie. As a matter of fact, he would have been only a couple months old the first time I met him. He is a runner, and has been very encouraging to me (and us) on our running journey. We were so glad to be spectators in this relationship of his. He picked a good one, and we couldn't be happier.

His dad is Mr. B-the spur of the moment drawing instructor I lined up for our home school art day. Mr. B also officiates weddings. And he officiated yesterday at his son's wedding.

He didn't marry the Barefoot Hippies, but he did give the message at our wedding. It was short and sweet. 10 minutes tops. He shared about the first and last weddings in the Bible, and gave a great gospel message.

Well, yesterday he gave another wedding message, and it was perfect. I told him that if us Barefoot Hippies ever get married again, we'll ask him to speak again.=)

He shared from Genesis 2, reading verse 18 from a version I'd never read it from before...

And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

This is the NKJV. I usually stick to the KJV, with occasional forays into the ESV or the NIV. But, I loved this word-comparable.

How many guys and girls have I seen dating around, playing the field? But then they end up with someone, and I think, "they are perfect for each other." More than anyone else, they have the likes/dislikes, personalities, interests...whatever, that make them seem like two pieces of a puzzle fit perfectly together.

It's awesome! It is a God thing. And it totally amazes me. It is the couples that you look at and think, "they are far better, for God and each other, together than apart." Their potential for glorifying God is not just added together, it is multiplied.

This doesn't mean that every couple are missionaries or pastors together. But they are doing the work that God has called them as a couple to-together.

Sunday school, youth group, restaurants, preaching, hospitality, neighborhood outreach...whatever. God's call-serving together.

I look at my friends,

Chris and Amber
Josh and Renee
Beth and Daniel
Mary and Brian
John and Ann
Margaret and Willie
Joe and Joy
Hannah and Will
Ruth and Ernie
Kari and Dervin
Katie and David
Joe and Ruth
Bek and Aaron
Ben and Loli
Scott and Christine
John Mark and Andrea

all couples whom I've watched God bring together, and then watched God use them as a couple. And I am amazed. Because, I couldn't have linked them up. Maybe I wouldn't have linked them up. I didn't know their potential together. But God did. Each couple's unique set of them meddled together. It really blows me away.

I look at each of these couples, (and so many more of my friends, so if I forgot you, don't think it isn't because I don't think you aren't a good fit.) and see them as man and wife. Man with his helper comparable to him. There is no doubt of that in my mind, when I look at any of these couples.

S & B joined this crowd. I believe that are going to be great together. They are going to soften each other and strengthen each other, and be tokens of God's grace.

Mr. B commented that everyone loves a wedding. Actually I don't. Not my favorite thing. And don't get me started on showers.

If you have to go to a wedding, you may as well wear awesome tights.
Like my new polka dots. Plus, I got to wear my new coat- the 69 cent one.
Umm-hmm. Got a number of compliments on that 69 cents.=)

I love a marriage that glorifies God. And I love the promise and potential held in each new couple.

Marriage is a picture. A much bigger picture than each couple. It is a picture of Jesus Christ and his bride. It is a partnership-two people serving and glorifying God together. It is a divine pairing. (read all about THAT here) A wedding is the start of this forever. And that is worth celebrating. Even if you don't like weddings. Like me.

But, I do love buttercream frosting and corner pieces of wedding cake. I'll just throw that out there.

What couple(s) in your life illustrate God's awesome pairing? Brag on them in the comments.

Btw, this is my 300th post! Isn't that crazy! Thanks for faithfully reading along.