Friday, October 26, 2012

A is for Art (day)

Very few people would ever call me an artist. I know, I know-I really loved Emily Freeman's session at Influence. "I am an artist." My writing and home making, etc. is my art. But, when we are talking traditional art, not really my strong point.

All ready for Art Day
Mr. B
I am determined to expose my kids to art, even if, and maybe because, art isn't my strong point. I want them to experience art, which is why ArtPrize is a favorite fall activity. And I am determined to give them opportunities to be creative and do art.
the kids drawing

the thing about Mr. B is that he is rather exaggerated. It is one of his endearing qualities.=)
Which is why, for the second year in a row, I have organized a homeschool art day. We do it just once a year, because one day is easier to carve out in a year, than an hour a month.
Anna sharing ArtPrize photos with the kids
some of the smaller set sharing cheerios

My goal for these art days it to allow the kids to have hands on time doing various art mediums. Both years we have taken up drawing, sculpture, painting and origami. I also encourage each artist to share their own art experience, and to share some back ground about their art form. There is generally about 10 minutes of "lecture" and then 45 minutes of doing.
Anna supervising

This year we had 28 kids from various families. They were all extremely well behaved. And some definitely have artistic talent. I loved watching them work and try new things.

finished products

John B pinch hit at the last minute for my father in law who came down with the flu. He taught the pencil drawing session. His top tips were to fill your paper, draw fast, and draw what you see. He taught shading and contour drawing. He had the students draw looking at the object they were drawing, not at their paper. Difficult, but they all did very well.

Anna (incidentally John's older sister) took up the sculpting session. She first spent some time with the kids talking about ArtPrize. They looked at pictures and discussed different mediums and techniques. She is the friend who had the beautiful sculptural mural that I showed pictures of a couple weeks back. She had each child make a bird or a fish. She also showed a secret method sculpture artists often use-bulking up their sculpture with a base or something other than clay, and just working the clay around it. Very fun.

Mr. Hippie-needing a shave and a hair cut
Narumi demonstrating what she was going to have the students do
Narumi did a beautiful job with the painting sessions. We divided into two groups for the afternoon sessions-older kids and younger kids. This allowed her and Mr. Hippie to both do easier and more difficult projects with the kids. The younger kids wrote their names, and painted them in. The older kids painted colorful pictures and then drew the outlines of shapes with sharpies or India ink. I can't wait to try some of her techniques my self.
LC rocking her headband

preliminary drawing
Mr. Hippie taught origami. He showed the kids a bunch of things he has folded recently, and then taught them some basic folds. They then each folded a few simple objects.

I am so thankful for the more artistic people in my life. All of them. But especially for these four wonderful friends who gave of their time to share their talents with these kids.

folding paper
In my teacher heart, I am a devout believer that when you influence a child, you influence the future. These men and women gave these kids some basic skills that they can practice. They maybe have started one or many of these kids on an artistic path. Who knows?

more painting

so colorful

cootie catchers

personally,  I think this is the best one.

this is a close second
What skill do you have that you could pass on to someone else? Tell me in the comments.