Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'll Never______

Have you ever said "I'll never_______". I have.

Like, "I'll never have snotty nose kids." Except, do you know how impossible it is to keep a 1 or 2 or 3 year old's nose wiped clean? Truly impossible. I am now the humble parent of a chronically snot faced child. Sigh.
even spaghetti sauce doesn't stick to her snot.

I also said, "I'll never run." "I'm just a walker and that's good enough for me." Well, you know how that statement has played out.

Oh, and tea is growing on me. That one fits into the "I'll never drink tea" category.

I think a whole lot of "I'll never" statements are just begging to be proven wrong. My I'll nevers have changed over the years, with a Barefoot Hippie Girl eating crow a time or two.

Here are a few I'll nevers that I am pretty sure will always fit into this category.

I'll never wear skinny jeans. I don't care peeps...I think they look hideous (that may be too strong a word...bad? Is that better?) on pretty much everybody except for twigs. Personally I favor trouser cut jeans.

In the same vein, I'll never wear colored jeans. Such a short lived trend in the 90s, and I have no idea why it is facing such a robust resurgence. I am all about lighter washed blue jeans.

I'll never get a tattoo. You can read my reasons (here).

I'll never eat a pound of these at one sitting. Though I did ask Mr. Hippie if that would be wrong.=)
Candy Corn and pumpkins are the only redeemable part of Halloween, in my humble opinion.=)

I'll never be a fan of rap music. Sorry, is it music? I'm all about music appreciation, but this is one genre my kids won't be exposed to through me.

I'll never smoke. No Biblical grounds for my reasons, or personal conviction. I hate the smell. That's it-pure and simple.

I'll never watch a horror movie. They scare the cr__ out of me. And I just don't need that for my entertainment, thank you.

I'll never bungie jump, or sky dive. I am pretty sure this is a safe statement to make. I'm not a thrill seeker. I prefer not to take my life in my hands, thank you very much.

these jelly pumpkins are pretty amazing too. I love candy.
I'll never hold a snake. Ewww...just the thought of it gives me creepy crawlies. Those photos you see of people holding zoo snakes wrapped around them. Foolishness, people! Those are squeazy and biting snakes. Are you crazy? Okay, so you aren't. But, you won't ever catch me holding one. Or touching one.

I'll never go back to using margarine, miracle whip or imitation vanilla. I like the high life. Butter, mayo, and vanilla bean laced vodka. That's the life for me.

I'll never do a carb free diet. I'd rather just die. A life without bread is a life not worth living.

I'll never fall in love again. Well, I'm not planning to. I'm happily stuck until death do us part. And, I can't contemplate Mr. Hippie dying before me. Okay, actually I did contemplate it. You can read about it (here).

But, its just that since I started this post, that song has been running through my mind. So go ahead. Click on the video, and sing away.

What have you said you'd never do? Are you sticking to it?