Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Screaming Needle (alt. "why I'll never get a tattoo")

exculpate: (ex-cul-pate) verb- to pronounce not guilty of criminal charges. They wanted to exculpate the prisoners.
Origin: 1656, from Middle Latin exculpatus, from Latin ex culpa, from ex "from" + culpa abl. of culpa "blame".  I've used the word "culpable" before. The idea that someone is guilty, or bears the blame. Exculpate could obviously be used the opposite way. In it's strictest sense it is a judicial term. I read it this week in one of my adventure/spy novels. It was used just in the general "not guilty/blameless" sense.
I like that when Jesus Christ forgives our sins, He washes us free from the guilt and the eternal penalty of our sins. He exculpated all guilty sinners who have trusted in His atoning sacrifice. Isn't that wonderful?!
My serene self versus...

Now, on to another subject. (I know, this is a departure from our strict Wednesday form.=))
Over this sweltering holiday weekend, we spent a bit of time at the beach. Check it out here. One thing I noticed besides the proliferation of bare skin, was the abundance of tattoos. Everyone seems to have a tattoo these days.
I will NEVER get a tattoo. EVER. Not because I am fundamentally against them, like Mr. Hippie. But, I am fundamentally against needles.
I wouldn't say that I am deathly afraid of needles. I am not in the  Sleeping Beauty category where they burn all the spinning wheels so she won't prick her finger. But I'm not far off.=) Actually, I have no problem using needles for sewing, or even knitting. Though I have seen some pretty amazing needle accidents. Like when my sister sat on a knitting needle when my parents were at prayer meeting, and the two of us were at home babysitting. This is a family legend. And it truly is funny now. But, let me tell is NOT easy pulling a knitting needled out of someone's tush. Just in case you were wondering.

my reaction to the thought of needles and getting tattooed.=)
It took many tries to get this picture "just right."=)
And, I have sewn my finger a time or two while using my machine. Since I have been sewing for over 20 years now, I don't figure that is too bad of a statistic. I mean, look at the hundreds other of things I have sewn.=)

But, I am not a fan of shots and such. Not for the reason most people who are against immunizations are against them. I don't (I repeat-DON'T) like getting poked. My midwife pricks my finger about three times every pregnancy to test my iron, and I get all nervous before each appointment. I am so tense she can hardly get a drop of blood. I avoid pricks at almost ANY price. I just hope and pray that the diabetic history of my family decides to skip me. Because I would rather die that test my blood sugar by pricking my fingers several times each day.
So, seriously, I am not a good candidate for a tattoo. I look at tattoos and see "number of pinpricks", not beautiful art. Why would anyone in their right mind ask to get poked that many times? I cannot even imagine it.
A tattoo palor I regularly drive past is called The Screaming Needle. I don't even want to know... That so does not sell me on the idea of a tattoo. But, interestingly enough, they are always busy.

Barefoot Hippie Girl=exculpate of tattoos. Always and forever. Amen.=)

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