Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyday Memorable

"Life passes so quickly, you gotta take the time.
Or you'll miss what really matters, miss all the signs.
Spend my life searching, for what was always there..."

What things from today, from this day, do I want to remember five years from now?

-I want to remember Meres' first real pony tail. Tiny, but adorable-just poking out the back of her head.

-I want to remember how LC is picking up new words in reading, and getting the sounds. She will be reading so soon.

-I want to remember the shoes and crumbs and life everywhere. It is so annoying and so precious.

-I want to remember the laughter of my kids as we read Harry Potter together. How they beg for me to keep reading. "Just a little bit more-please..."

-I want to remember how Meres learned to say please in sign language.

-I want to remember the helpfulness of BMV.

-I want to remember how proud my boys are that they have been running 2 miles at a stretch.

-I want to remember how Freckles ruffles Meres' hair-and she hates it.

-I want to remember my kids' excitement over recess. It's just 15 minutes.

-I want to remember the pertinence and beauty of Robert Frost poetry in the fall.

-I want to remember the way BMV uses correctly, but also mispronounces big words just like his phonetical mother.

-I want to remember Freckles' love of all things flight.

-I want to remember how good Mr. Hippie looked swimming this morning. I'm talking form, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

-I want to remember the little things, because the little things add up to big things. These mole hills can make the biggest mountain ever!

What moments making up your today, do you want to remember in five years?