Friday, September 7, 2012

Brain Dump and Friday Features

So, I made a mistake...the working title was Brian Dump. If you know me IRL, you know why that is humorous. But, really it is Brain Dump.

BMV and LC's finds
A Quandary
I feel totally out of it. I miss my morning writing. A lot. I am not sure what the solution is going to be. I have written everyday's post this week the day before. It makes me feel rather detached. And I don't like it at all. I know plenty of people do scheduled posts, but it just doesn't seem quite right. (for me-yet)

Take today, for instance. I wrote today's recipe post yesterday afternoon. I wonder, should I refer to the day I'm writing as today, or the day it is being posted as today?

Does anyone else struggle with this? What do you do?

At this moment, I am supposed to be writing Monday's post. But that just seems too far out there. I want to write a post for today, about today. About our new week of school. About what is on my mind right now.

Gettin' Beautiful
We have survived our first week of school. Three days of books, and 1 day of "fun" school. It was a good week. I felt like we slipped into it rather well. It was a bit off what with the holiday. Next week will be the first full week. At least we got some days under our belt.

I am not usually even ready to begin school until next week. I don't like the partial week. But because we are planning a trip to the Far East in January for a month, I feel like we had to start. And we have to hit the books hard so we aren't doing school still in July.

Fun School
Regardless-today was FUN school.

We started on JFK. I thought he would just be worth a week, but I think we are going to have to finish him up next Friday. I learned a whole lot about him. I didn't know he was a rather weak and sickly child. And that he had back pain almost his entire life. Interesting. He had a semi-successful back surgery while a Senator. His fortitude really endeared him to the American people. I am looking forward to digging into his presidency.

We also started our study of Sweden. Beautiful, old country. We spend the first Friday doing a lot of looking into the geography and topography. Next week we will start on the history. A highlight for this study will be a Swedish friend of ours coming for the weekend in early October. We are going to have a Swedish feast.

I am doing lazy science today. More nature than science. I just sent the kids outdoors with bags, and a scavenger hunt list. They have to find all kinds of stuff. We may just start our own nature shelf.

Side View

Night on the Town
Tonight we have a wedding. One of Mr. Hippie's twin sisters is getting married. So, we are taking time today to "get beautiful".

I love it. Makeup, nails, hair, high heels, and fancy dresses.

We borrowed sponge rollers from the cousins down the block, and LC's hair is all rolled up. I am not very good at fancy hairdos, so I figure this is a beautiful and bouncy alternative.

I am wearing the black dress I wore to my sister's wedding. It actually fits better now than it did then.

Meres is wearing the dress LC wore for Bek's wedding too. If she will sit still, maybe I can give her a top knot.

I bought LC a new dress at the Consignment Shop. Talk about thrift haul...$3.50 for a fancy-shmancy dress that looks brand new!

I will post pics of everyone all dressed to the nines.

Meres' token roller. It lasted maybe 2 minutes.=)

Friday Features
I wanted to share with you some of my favorite posts from the week.

This post from Mom on the Run X 2  made me smile. Drag racing is not my thing, but I loved hearing her experience.

Elizabeth, over at Dog Fur and Dandelions posted very practically about praying for others. She had 2 wonderful posts, one about who to pray for, and one listing categories of people to pray for.

Modern Mrs. Darcy created a very interesting flow chart sharing the pros and cons of making and buying gifts.

Kara Chuppie posted about Weeping with Those who weep. It is chock full of practical ideas of how to put hands and feet when ministering to those who are mourning.

Noel challenged us to not harden our hearts.

Amanda started a brand new link up with the goal of inspiring your readers. I was very inspired as I read the submissions.

My most popular post this week was The Proverbs 31 Woman versus the Virtuous Woman. It seems like the theme resonated with people.

LC and I at Bek's wedding.
Both dresses will be making another appearance this evening.
Well, people, I guess this could be categorized as one of those infamous Brain Dumps. Thanks for sticking with me.=)

Freckle's finds

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back here Monday!

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