Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Akers of Answers

This title reminds me of a joke my boys told me...what is the longest word in the English language?
Smiles...there's a miles between the two s's. (Catherine-that one is for you.)

Miles-akers (acres). That's how my mind works folks. Feel sorry for the Barefoot Hippie clan-they have to follow my random thought processes all the time.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...Do you know what day it is? It's September 4...the day for the 10-4 Good Buddy hookup!

Abby at Akers of Love has put together these fun and somewhat thought provoking questions. I hope you will click on this cutie and check out some of the other bloggers linking up.

1. Do you listen to Pandora?  What is your go-to Pandora station?
I rarely listen to the radio. If I a listening to music at home, it is probably on Pandora. My 3 favorite stations are Beach Boys Radio, Motown and The Leahys.I especially enjoy cranking it up towards dinner time when everyone is dragging and I have to get dinner on the table.

2. What is your favorite post from August?
The Voice. Sounds like some kind of Alfred Hitchcock movie, doesn't it?

3. What non-cartoon TV show reminds you of your childhood?
I haven't watched much television. Mostly the old shows like Leave it to Beaver and I Love Lucy-neither of which paint an accurate picture of my childhood. But, if Napoleon Dynamite was a television show, well that sums it up. Not the no-parent thing-but the bangs, boots, nerdiness, and caboodles. Awkward!

4. What bad habit do you have that even annoys you?
laughing too loud. It annoys me-really and truly.

5. What 5 things would you take with you if your house was on fire?  People don't count...hopefully, that's a given.
My Bible. I have read it more than any other book. I am familiar with its pages, and my notes on them. I would feel bereft without it.

My newest lbd. I mean, seriously, if you find a dress that looks good, you should keep it.

My box of our love letters. That's our history.

My wedding pictures. I have the pics and the negatives-so if they were lost it would be forever.

My girls' favorite stuffed animals. Pooh for LC, and Wishbone for Meres. It would center them in the chaos that would follow.

There are other things I thought of...jewelry, important documents. But those things can be replaced. All of this (well except for the little black dress) can't be.

6. Do you have a cleaning schedule that you use to keep up with your housework?
I do. I blogged about it here and here. But summarized...

Monday-laundry, quick pick up and vacuum after weekend.

Tuesday-vacuum and dust. deeper cleaning in kitchen.

Wednesday-laundry, bathrooms and scrub kitchen and dining room floor.

Thursday-no cleaning!!! (unless I didn't get something done earlier in the week)

Friday-laundry, another vacuuming.

My kids help with the dishes everyday, and do some of the vacuuming. Dining room gets swept every day.

7. What was your high school mascot?  Please tell me you have the ability to scan a high school picture to post too...
I would love to tell you, and scan in a pic, but I was home schooled and we had no mascot. So sorry. NOT.=)

8. What is your favorite picture from August?
Our 11th anniversary picture. Taken at the wedding of a friend.
I've only posted it several times on the blog, in case you were wondering.=)

9. What do you love most about fall?
I love the crisp mornings, and the fall colors. I love apple cider and donuts. I love the smell of bonfires and picking apples. I love the schedule after the free flowing summer. Fall is one great big sensory feast!

10. Tell me your dream cupcake.
My dream cupcake would be a moist chocolate cupcake, with an italian cream filling. Maybe the italian cream would have some hunks of dark chocolate mixed in. It would be frosted with an ungodly amount of buttercream-vanilla, and generously topped with hunks and chunks of dark chocolate. (Can you tell I like chocolate and buttercream?)

Well, that's the 411 for this month, the just newly started September 2012.

What are your answers to these questions-especially #5 (fire) and #9 (fall)? Fill me in on the juicy details in the comments.
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