Friday, August 10, 2012

The 411 on LC

In Philly

On the Second Bank of America's steps
Today is LC's birthday. She turned five. And I can't quite believe it.

before retiring the plug

I had had myself convinced that number three was another boy. I remember pushing this baby out at 1:18 on that hot August morning. And I remember being shocked when I saw she was a girl.

I had always wanted a girl. My mom was from a family of 9 girls. I always thought that was absolutely amazing. I wanted to have 9 girls of my own. (I have since altered that dream-2 girls is just fine, thanks.)
just 18 months

There was a wonderful lady I knew,  Elspeth (Elsie) Faulkner. She was like an aunt or grandma to me. And I always said that I would name my first girl after Aunt Elsie.

goggle pics are the best

But, I didn't have any girls, I had two boys.

almost 3

Until August 10, 2007. That's the day I got my Elsie. And she made me laugh and cry.

4th birthday

Aunt Elsie was a beautiful lady, inside and out. She had been married to Uncle Bob for 71 years. She gave me the best marriage advice-don't go to bed angry. She was a singer, she was Scottish, and she told me stories of her life.
with her new sister

And, I pray that my Elsie lives up to her namesake. She couldn't find a better example if she tried.

she can fall asleep ANYWHERE-last week it was in the cart
at the thrift store

loves making eggs


the girls

falling asleep with her book open over her belly

new hair cut


her favorite tutu
her "Barbie" look. I don't even know...

posing by a wishing well

sleeping on a table
sugar scrub partner

can she wear more gear?

the "roomies"

picking blueberries-which she is good at,
because she won't eat them.
in her bonnet

 She is number 3 of my four personality plus children. She has always loved shopping. And dresses. And dress up. And jewelry. And shoes. And nail polish. Girly to the core.

And I love her. So much!

Happy Birthday, LC!