Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Legoland in Chicagoland

First post of AUGUST!!! And...
Morning we left.
Meres climbed up on the stool to help with the eggs.
Hello from Chicagoland!

road tripin'
We are having a wonderful time. Not completely smooth sailing, but God is working. And keeping me flexible.
it keeps them entertained, and allows parental conversation too

The VBS is going well. I feel that Mr. Hippie and I have both been enabled by God to share the message He has given us.

I'm betting Meres was eating something like a leaf.

We are doing us Hebrews 11-13 "race of faith" theme once again. It has tied in perfectly with the Olympics. Tomorrow I am sharing about Michael Phelps in regards to athletes having trainers and being disciplined. I think it it awesome that he just today broke the Olympic record of 47 years in picking up his 19th medal.

I love them...

Today we spent a few hours at Legoland Discovery Center, Chicago. It was a fun family time.

Margaret, of Reader's Digest fame, can now also claim "ugly pig" fame
Thrift haul

It is a bit pricey. Tickets are almost $20 for adults, and around $15 for kids. We had a coupon which knocked off a bit, but we still ended up paying almost $70.

afternoon tea at the Battaglins

Parking was free though. You can't beat that. Not in the Chicago area.

birthday girl tea. Thanks, Emily!

There is quite a bit to do. There is a hands on building area-where you can use your imagination, and build anything your heart desires.

the entrance

There is a 4-D film. Meres laughed her head off, and she didn't even have the glasses. All four kids really enjoyed this, and weren't scared by the things "jumping out" at them. It tells me they are growing up, 'cause there were plenty of scared kids in there.

There is an awesome hydraulic bicycle ride. The faster you pedal the higher you go.

There was a mini city, with models of many Chicago sites and buildings.

There was a jungle with model animals. My favorites were the monkey and the baby tiger. Adorable!

So, if you are ever in the Chicago area, and your kids like legos, I'd definitely recommend a visit.

But, I'd also recommend getting there after 3:00 in the afternoon. The price is reduced, the crowds have thinned (they only let a certain number of people in at a time), and 4 hours is enough time to do everything.

Dad and Meres building together
Each of the three oldest spent some hard earned cash allowance on legos. BMV bought a little set, and Freckles and LC both assembled their own unique guys. Everyone was thrilled. Including me-because I made them pay for it.

cool hydraulic-pedal ride (Embrace the Camera)
They also have bulk lego bricks for sale. We didn't get any this trip, but it is definitely something to bear in mind. I love the bulk brick bins because you can pick the sizes you want. And the kids can be creative with what they build.

 Here's to many new legos to (preferably not) step on.