Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hippie Wanna Be

I would just like to thank Barefoot Hippie Girl for entrusted her beloved blog to ME today. I hope I can do it justice and add some more Hippie to this already Hipped and Happening place. 
Let's start with the basics like an introduction first ~

My Name is Noël or No dots, or No..el and I love to blog about everything over the end.

Ha ha ha just kidding...

Do you want to know more.. ah that's so nice well then, I am a wife to a man named Moses. We sometimes get called Mo-el! Ha ha, funny right? We have 17 years under our married belt. Not quite heavyweights but we are getting up there... I'm not talking about getting fatter, I was referring to boxing. Sheesh, you guys! I am also a mom to 4 amazing kids. I call them my Fab 4. Two girls Emma and Chloe, and Two boys Solomon and Isaiah. And since you are now wondering if we are Jewish because of those old school bible names, let me just say that NO we are not. I am a follower of Christ. Trying to walk out my life as close to those red letters in the bible as I can. I am an owner of 3-4 leggeds, a vw driver, tattooed, poetic, non-vlogger, musical, and loving beautiful life.

Now lets get back to Hippie stuff since this is after Barefoot Hippie Girls place, I thought you her readers would be happy to know that I'm also somewhat of a Hippie myself. 

Here, let me explain.

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that smokes pot and doesn't wear deodorant.
Or the kind that wouldn't be caught dead in designer jeans.
Not really the kind that drinks goats milk.
Or the kind that has hemp for anything at all.

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that has dreads in her hair.
Or the kind that goes around flashing the peace sign to everyone.
Not really the kind that only shops at local farmers markets.
Or the kind that is avid tye-dye wearer.

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that makes their own clothes.
Or the kind that never wears makeup.
Not the kind that listens to The Grateful Dead.
Or the kind that refers to this place, as Mother Earth.

Well, Ok... I see your point... I guess I am a wanna-be Hippie.

Why do I wanna-be a Hippie, you ask?

Besides the fact that Hippie's are cool, there are so many reasons I can appreciate this group of people. Here are just a few of those reasons;

They were "GREEN" before it was trendy.

They are for Peace, Love, and The Pursuit of Happiness at all times.

I believe they are some of the most creative people on planet earth because they are not afraid to use their imaginations.

Easy like Sunday Morning, could be their theme song.

The phrase "No Worries" which is one of my all time favorite phrases, rolls off their lips like butta!

And the number one reason I wanna be a Hippie... drum roll please...

It has to do with a little German Car that was made for the people many years ago.

It's a must for every Hippie to have driven or currently BE driving a VW.