Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

Maleficent:(muh-lef-i-sent) adjective: harmful or evil in intent or effect. Maleficent was the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty. More than hatred, this is a word with action involved. Acting on your hatred. It is a very intense word-kind of like the movie.
In keeping in the spirit of one of my favorite blog link parties, (because it is a holiday after all, and we are going to parrr-tay) I wanted to do a love/hate theme. Now, I have to laugh when I use the word hate, because there is a funny Hippie story connected with it.
I guess Jolie is doing a Maleficent run on London's broadway.
I bet she fits the part amazingly.
When Mr. Hippie and I had just started courting, he came up for dinner at my parent's house. I don't remember all the details of the conversation (its been years) but I do remember that the word "hate" came up to describe something. Mr. Hippie will forever remain infamous to the extended Hippie family for saying, "hate is too strong a word. I'd rather use 'greatly dislike.'" I know, right? This always goes through my mind when I say I hate something.
And, if hate is too strong a word, maleficent is like hate-only on steroids. I can't begin to imagine what Mr. Hippie would say if I actually inserted maleficent into my everyday language.
I love this man, through and through.
Anyway, here is my list of love/hate:
I love legos...I hate stepping on them with bare feet.
I love walking in dirt and sand outside...I hate walking on gritty, sandy floors inside.
I love being places...I hate traveling to places. (I will be a charter member of the "Beam me up, Scottie" club)
I love going on vacation...I hate packing and unpacking. (it never fits as well in the suitcase the 2nd or 3rd or 4th, time)
I love having a clean house...I hate spending time cleaning.
I love brownies...I hate how they make my face break out.
I love runner's high...I hate slogging it out, and sweating on the actual run.
I love Sleeping Beauty (seriously my favorite Disney movie EVER)...I hate the creepy, green glow scene.
I love reading books...I hate reading self-help books.
I love big words...I hate mispronouncing them.
I love the our Bill of Rights in the USA...I hate when people cloak disrespect and wrong actions in "freedom of..."

What is on your list of love/hates? Tell me and link them up with Noel here.

I love the great US of A...I, there is nothing I hate about it. Total love.=)

Happy Independence Day, everyone!