Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time of the Lilies

Meres (aka-Meredith) noun: Lord of the sea; protector of the sea; great lord.
Origin-Welsh or Celtic. Commonly a surname until the 20th century.
Synonyms: (I've completely made these up) mischievous, blessing, joy, persnickety, Boochie
Today is Meres' first birthday! Where has the time gone? And what an addition to our lives!
Last year, June 20 was a hot and humid day, similar to today. I labored through the night, and our baby came in the morning. Meres was born at 7:11. She was a big girl, weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 ounces. She was 21-1/2" long. And she immediately warmed my heart. 
Meres is our mischievous child. It is all in her smile and eyes. The wrinkle of her nose. She knows when she is being naughty, and she is just so cute at it!
When I found out I was pregnant I had to give the kids something to gauge our baby's arrival by. Two summers ago, LC had been fascinated by our back garden full of lilies. I told her that our baby would come when the lilies came back. Truly it was a God thing. This year our lilies started blooming before June 1.  But, last year, do you want to know when our first lilies bloomed? Two lilies bloomed on June 19-the day before Meres was born. Was that a sign or what? People ask why we didn't name Meres "Lily." Well, there was a brand new Lily already in our circle. So we stuck with Meres. And I think it fits her pretty well.
Here is a photo montage of her first year. I must tell you that I don't have anywhere near so many pics of any of my others kid's first years. I probably don't have as many pics of my other kid's first years combined!
First day, with daddy

love these headbands-but they emphasize her chubby cheeks
professional pics

the "twins". I told you Meres started out MUCH bigger

she loved her bouncy seat-especially the lion

first night with Wishbone, her black bear from TN

first vacation-Smokey Mountains

first (of I'm sure of many) matching sister dresses

lots of pics with daddy

Apple picking

first time rolling over

polka dots

loving her toes

first Christmas

pre-crawl hands and knees rocking

loves her baths

found the potatoes

with Mama towards the end of March

sucking chocolate off her thumb

still into the potatoes, but now able to take bites with her teeth

old dress of LC

she is happy to swing for hours

its the nose and the eyes that smile

first time in Lake MI-cold but loving it

"twins" approaching a year. N has almost caught up size wise.
Meres is still taller.

proud of herself for climbing into her toy basket.

picnic at the Lake

totally into the sand-and vice versa

snuggling with Mama

dishes at Meres level at camp. this was too good to be true, in her humble opinion.
birthday morning-up at 5:30, and plenty chipper

typical photo-not happy with the red eye
I am unspeakably grateful that God blessed our family with you, Meres. You have tickled my heart from the beginning. You have been a challenge and a wonderful gift. I love you so much.
Happy 1st Birthday!