Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giving Up Good-Recycling

I love Thursdays. If you have noticed, most Thursdays lately I've been linking up with Tiny Twig and Naptime Diaries for "Giving up the Good."
This has been a great evaluation thing for me. Some things are things that I have given up that week for the greater good. Some things are lifestyle things that I have given up for something better. I like this challenge for the reason that what is right for me to give up, is not necessarily the same as what you are giving up. I like that some is light and some is heavier. I like the fact that we are giving up the super woman image for reality and encouraging each other. I like the fact that we aren't just weeding things out in an "I can't" attitude, but that we are seeking to fill our time with the best. What best suits our unique God-given lives, interests, gifts, and abilities.
This week I have given up some cooking, cleaning, and yard work to be able to focus on VBS and training of the girls I am working with. I somewhat feel like my house is falling apart around my ears, but actually it not THAT bad. I am going to whip a few things into shape later today-the urgent stuff. But dusting and washing the floors just may get a total pass this week.
Does this look like a recycling couple?
Now, for the funny thing I have given up...You may find this ironic in light of the fact that I call myself the Barefoot Hippie Girl. I don't recycle. (I probably just lost 90% of my readership in one fell swoop.=)) I know. Completely shocking. Against the tide. Irresponsible. Everybody recycles. How can I not recycle?
Well, let me tell you.
I am a conservationist. I am not a tree hugger. I don't waste water or energy-more because of the economy of it than anything else.
But, my time is money. If I am going to spend my time on something, you had better believe that I think it is worth it.
And I just don't think my time is worth scrubbing out cans and jars and plastic bottles that are essentially going in the trash anyway. I have no desire to sort my trash. Call me lazy.
The Reader's Digest had an Earth Day spread about What Activities Do You Feel Most Guilty About? They listed wasting water, driving, not recycling, and wasting electricity, among others. Frankly, I don't feel guilty about any of it.
While I may not recycle, I don't use bottled water. I refill my own water bottle.
I don't buy new of everything. I thrift shop and up cycle.
I constantly go through my house turning off lights and other appliances, etc. not in use.
And, Mr. Hippie scraps metal for date money.
I return my pop bottles-because I have money invested in them.
I guess the moral of the story is...I'm mercenary. If you would pay me to recycle, I probably would. But, I am certainly NOT paying to recycle-either in time or money. With everything else on my plate, I just am not going to take the time.
I also find it rather interesting that a whole lot of Christians seem more concerned about saving the planet than saving souls going to hell.

So, call me mercenary or lazy, or both. But recycling is what this Hippie girl has given up.