Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poltergeists & Peeves

Poltergeist /ˈpōltərˌgīst/ noun: a ghost or supernatural being that announces its presence with rapping, throwing objects or the creation of disorder. In Harry Potter, Peeves the Poltergiest is always around causing havoc when you least desire him.
Origin: 1838, from German poltergeist, from poltern "make noise, rattle," + geist "ghost."
Again, this is one of those words that I read over and over again, mispronouncing to boot, that I misunderstood what it meant. I would have told you that a poltergeist was a mischief causing person. I had no idea that poltergeist were ghosts.
Let me tell you, you can find out way too much on this subject on Wikipedia. There are supposedly documented cases of poltergeist activities. Frankly, I am not convinced.
Since I don't believe in ghosts, I will give you my list of pet peeves.
if Meres was a ghost, she'd be a poltergeist
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-This is for all my sisters out there...have you ever noticed that no matter how carefully you shave, you always miss a patch. For me, it tends to be on my knees. I shave, and reshave, and still there is always an illusive few hairs that show themselves when I am lounging in a shorts, or a shorter skirt, or my bathing suit.
-People merging late. This is definitely on my pet peeves list. It absolutely drives me nuts when there are construction signs for miles saying that a lane is going to be closed and 90% of the people get over. But you have those cars who stay in the wrong lane until the last second. I wonder if they are just rude. Or do they think where they are going is far more urgent than everyone else (how arrogant). Or maybe they can't read. Personally, if I was a police man, I would sit in that lane and ticket everyone who is still in it at a certain point. But, I'm not a police man.
-Entertainment talkers-movies, plays, symphony, church. Just pay attention to what is going on. You can give your thoughts later.
-Cussing. I don't like cussing ever. It really gets my goat. But, I particularly dislike cussing in older people. I find it offensive, and I wonder how the person got to this stage of their lives without learning better language to express their feelings.
-Global warming. Evidence or no evidence-I'm just tired of hearing about it. An additional guilt trip is not something I need in my life.
-Running on the road. I run. I rarely run in the road. I know sidewalks are a harder composition, but runners running in the road seem to have a death wish. In the summer it isn't as bad. But in the winter, there is ice on the roads. You can slip. Cars can slide. The road is narrower. Why would you take your life in your hands like that?
-Biking on the wrong side of the road, or on the sidewalk. Again...a death wish? Bike with traffic. On the road-if you have an adult bicycle. Walk against traffic. That's the rules. Is that complicated or what?
-Stepping over or around something on the floor that doesn't belong on the floor. Maybe it is only at my house, but am I the only one who sees the garbage on the floor, and the toys that need picked up? 'Cause everyone else seems o have no problem just ignoring them.
-Texting on dates. Or when you are with friends. Live in the here and now, people!
-Using "just saying" to excuse rude or hurtful comments. It doesn't make it okay. It just makes it your opinion.

That's my Top Ten. What what peevish behavior annoys you? What peevish behavior are you guilty of?=)
the girls snuggling this morning

Whatever your peeves, here's to a "pet peeve-free" Wednesday.