Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Foot Loose and Kid Free

My three oldest are attending another VBS this week. And I am experiencing FREEDOM! Now, truly, the only way you can say that word is by yelling it in your most robust Scottish accent. Invoke your inner Mel Gibson, and give it all you got. Everyone together now...."FREEDOM!"
You want to know what I did with my 3 hours of freedom today?
-I surfed Craigslist for a new dresser for my bedroom. This was necessary. Too bad I don't have a before pic. Think drawers falling apart and missing, and you will be right on the money.
-I went to Meijer, returned bottles, and picked up my Meijer groceries. Which included toilet paper. Because we had been down to one roll for two bathrooms since Sunday. I personally think that LC goes through more tp in one bathroom stop than I go through in a day or two.
-I went to the bank and cashed a check.
-I went to the store that had listed the dresser on Craigslist that caught my eye. I bought said dresser. It was a steal. But I will tell you more about that next Monday.
-I came home to drop off dresser, because Mr. Hippie happened to be here. We got the old dresser out, and the new dresser in.
-I then proceeded to Aldi, and went through there like a whirlwind. Let me tell you, you can practically run through a store when you don't have a gaggle of kiddos that you have to keep track of. And I didn't have to tell anyone-not even once-to keep their hands on the cart. And off their siblings.
-Sams club was next. That is always fast, kids or no kids. Or one kid. 'Cause did I mention that I did have Meres?
-And then we were decisive at Pier One Imports. I went in there looking for curtains. I had settled when I originally repainted my room, and I never was happy with what I settled with. I am happy with what I picked up today. They are a nice chocolate brown, and definitely a step up from what they are replacing.
-I zipped in to the driveway at 12:00 noon, a good 10 minutes before the Hippie offspring.

Now I am going to spend some time cleaning and rearranging my room, before our next HP installment. Then I am making chicken enchiladas to take to the Blues concert in the park this evening.

I am ashamed to admit that this weed patch belong to one of my gardens.

After...much more visible dirt.

cherry tomatoes-look at that drop of water

first Romas

weeding the green beans
Here are pics of the gardening I did yesterday. I woke up this morning absolutely dragging. My shoulders hurt. As does my rump, and my lower back. And I have 2 blisters on my hand (I always end up with blisters if I even look at a garden tool). All from gardening. This is why I don't garden. But now the soil is loosened, and weed free. Water and nutrients can soak their way down to the roots.