Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Huntin' we will Go

I saw the signs...I just hoped I just had missed the obvious-for a long time. Was that a...? Is that fresh...? Yes, it is.
Mr. Hippie and I arrived back from our early morning run a few days ago, and all my fears were confirmed. There, dashing across the sidewalk near my potted herbs was a BIG, FAT MOUSE! But, sigh of relief, it was outside.
Humph! Little did I know...
Fast forward to yesterday morning...Mr. Hippie and I were sitting in our living room having our morning heart to heart and cuppa, and what do I see peeking around Meres' toy basket?
Our friendly neighborhood mouse! I will spare you the details of the trying to keep my feet off the floor, and running to get bowls to trap it, and tipping up the couch and seeing it cowering under the corner, and watching it run into the closet, around the perimeter of the living room and back, and hide under the piano.
Oh, the gasps! No screams though.
After all, this is the hippie who ran her very own trapline one summer at the wilderness camp I cooked at in Canada. I got to be a pro at setting and emptying mouse traps. I think I went a period of 3 weeks catching a mouse every single night.
So, this mighty hunter sets two traps, which have yet to yield a mouse. I think I am going to step up my game tonight, and bait the traps with peanut butter.
And, of course, I have my kids praying that I will catch this little bugger. My exact wording was, "you need to pray mom catches this mouse." LC's actual prayer was, "Lord, help mom catch our friendly neighborhood mouse." Yeah, thanks LC. Now I am going to feel bad about condemning our friend to the world of Flushed Away.
But, not THAT bad.=)
cool car, huh? only 100K
Well, it's Thursday, and that means it is the day to come clean about what I have given up this week. What best has taken the place of what good? 'Cause you'd better believe I am just human, and I am NOT doing it all.
I gave up my online book club for a while. I am loving reading our book, The Tapestry, but I don't have time to finish it right now. I have been faithful in doing daily QT, but I have got to focus for a few weeks on some studying. I am supervising/teaching two VBS's that start in less than 3 weeks. I have to study my lessons and prepare to teach some of them, plus I am training a group of 10 girls on how to teach kid's Bible clubs. It is kind of a dual project-both teaching the kids and teaching the teenage girls. And, to best utilize this group of girls who are coming from all over the country, we are doing one VBS in the morning, and one at night. The same week. So, while I would really like to continue on in the book club, I really need to buckle down, and use my quiet time for study.
all the Hippie offspring
I also gave up a run (or two) this week. Monday morning my alarm went off at 7:00 for a run. And I looked at Mr. Hippie sleeping next to me, and I decided that sleeping in together was more important that running together. On a holiday.=) We so rarely sleep in together. Throughout the week we are up for work, and running and swimming. On Saturdays we get up for a prayer meeting at our house, and I had a Bible study on Saturdays until just last week. Sundays we must get up to get to church on time. Regardless, I am glad we slept in. The kids didn't even wake up until after 8:30. It was marvelous! And, I don't really feel guilty because I didn't run. I choose the better thing for that day.
Finally, I gave up making a "grab my button" button of my logo. (Btw, what do you think of my logo?=)) Are you ever "pull your hair out" frustrated about something? That's where I was at this morning. I'd love for this to get done. And you'd think "how hard could it be?" But it is mind numbingly frustrating. You download your picture on a 3rd party site, get some code, paste that onto a gadget, and voila, there you have it. Except it didn't work that way. The first time, or the 20th time. And I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. And finally I let it go. I asked someone to do it for me. And I have to be patient until they have the time to do it. So, I took my kids to see a race car at one of Mr. Hippie's suppliers. And that was a good decision.

But, let me tell you, I am NOT giving up on catching our friendly neighborhood mouse. I'm just not.=)