Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music and Lyrics

Yesterday Freckles helpfully brought the mail in. It was actually just junk, composed of an advertisement about doing "such and such and being automatically entered to win a grill." Freckles asked me if I wanted a new grill. I told him not really. LC popped up that she wants a new grill. "I'd loved to have a new sister!" Talk about lost in translation.=) I explained that it was a grill, not a girl, that we were talking about. Sigh...
Friday evening, Mr. Hippie and I had our last symphony date of the 2011-2012 season. And it was a grand finale. The show was called Behind the Mask. It was all Broadway show tunes, and particularly featured the  music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I love ALW's music. I like what he does with the instruments. My favorite piece is Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. I love the immediate boom of the organ, with electric guitar, and all the other instruments. It is magnificent to listen to, and a total feast to watch. On the other hand, I don't like some of ALW's lyrics too much. Particularly the Phantom of the Opera lyrics. It is a battle between darkness and light, but you are never really sure who won. Anyway, I personally wonder how ALW's lyrics mimic his own life and thoughts on things. I think a lot of artists promote their life philosophies through their art. I promote my life philosophy through my work and actions too. My life philosophy is to glorify the Creator God (who created me) in all I do and say. I get the impression that glorifying God is about the farthest thing from ALW's mind. But that is just my opinion, from what I get from his lyrics.
There were three guest singers-two girls and a guy. I thought they all did well. Except they butchered Mama Mia. Nothing quite compares with ABBA. Or the Mama Mia movie soundtrack.
All in all, lyrics and Mama Mia aside, it was a great show. It was toe tapping, and soul stirring. And I was glad to have been able to go.
Being symphony subscribers, we had the same seats for our three Pops concerts. You may remember me mentioning the horrified older couple in the seats next to us at the Paul McCartney concert. Well, they sat next to us once again. Charming. The older gentleman sat next to me, and talked my ear off before the concert began and then again during intermission. They have held season tickets for years. They drive up to GR about once a month to hear a concert. He told me about his boat, and his four kids, all his grandsons, and his very first great granddaughter. It was fun to chat with him. And I hope we see them next year. Btw, they enjoyed this concert much more than the other one.=)
The end of the symphony season marks the approach of the concerts in parks season. We enjoy attending a number of outside concerts as a family during the summer. It builds music appreciation in the kids, gives them an opportunity to see and hear live instruments, and it isn't as strict of an environment as say, the symphony. They can eat, and play and dance. And the adults get to enjoy good food and conversation set to the tune of some pretty good music. Plus they are free. Who can argue with that? We attend Blue's concerts on Tuesdays, and there is Jazz available on Mondays.
Here's to many sultry summer evenings set to awesome music!