Monday, April 16, 2012

Year of the Snake(s)

Well, here it is Monday morning, closing in on noon, and I am at a loss. What to do? Where to start?
We had a crazy busy weekend. CRAZY BUSY!
This is what it looked like:
5:50 am-alarm goes off for me. Meres wakes up, feed her for 20 minutes.
6:10-jump (carefully) in shower
6:40-leave for Bible study-showered, shaved, makeup-ed, and coiffed
6:55-start Bible study
9:00-Bible study ends. Head to church to drop off egg casserole for Pancake breakfast.
9:15-arrive home, drink coffee, feed and dress Meres.
9:50-leave for aforementioned pancake breakfast.
1:00-arrive home from pancake breakfast, feed Meres AGAIN, put down for nap, and change.
1:35:30-leave on 13 mile run.
4:00-arrive back from 13 mile run. We walked/limped the last two miles-which is why it took so long.
4:45-leave for Holland to visit with aunt and uncle, after eating some protein, showering again, and redoing the whole makeup/coif thing.
9:45-arrive home from Holland, having been soundly beat at Scrabble by the Uncle. Nevertheless, a wonderful end cap to the day.
10:00-seriously-Dead to the World.

7:00-alarm goes off, feed Meres, drink coffee
8:00-plop girls in tub (for the bath that there was not enough time for on Saturday) while simultaneously doing makeup and coif-AGAIN.=)
9:05-out the door to church
12:50-lunch at favorite Chinese restaurant with favorite waiter "Q". (It sounds like a James Bond thing.) (and who has time to cook anyway?)
2:00-pick up bil from our house, and head out to Lake Odessa for a jamboree with the Inlaws.
6:05-arrive home from Jamboree, thoroughly exhausted.
6:25-send Mr. Hippie off to the rest home solo, climb into comfy clothes, and just SIT. You will be proud of me. I said "no" to the hymn sing, and to the about a dozen calls I was supposed to make.
8:00-kids and Barefoot Hippie in bed.
8:40-Barefoot Hippie, once again, dead to the world.

Meres-last week
Elsie-about same age,
more hair, maybe a bit taller
Needles to say, I didn't get up to swim this morning. I slept. Until 7:30! Now, I am trying to gather my wits about me so I can run and shower and grocery shop.

Elsie-Let me out of here!
Sometimes I feel that way too.=)
So, Year of the Snake...Actually, if you look at the Chinese Zodiac conveniently printed on the restaurant placemats, you will notice that next year is the year of the snake. This year is the year of the dragon. Not that I get into any of that. But, I did see my first snake of the year on Saturday. I'm telling you, if there is a snake in my proximity, I will see it. Probably because I HATE snakes! Completely and totally. I even avoid reptile houses at zoos. That is Mr. Hippie's department. Anyway, there I am, jogging along the trail on Saturday, minding my own business, when I hear a rustle in the grass right by me. Look down, and jump a mile! There is an 18" garter snake with a long yellow stripe, right next to me in the grass! Are you kidding me? Why, oh why, do I need to be the one seeing these snakes? It is probably because I am super sensitive. Otherwise I wouldn't even be watching the grass, listening for the rustles. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. So, the first, and I can guarantee, not the last.