Friday, April 13, 2012

Its the Thought that Counts

I love how Meres is looking at Elsie in this one.=)

Has anyone ever given you a hostess gift? Have you ever given someone a hostess gift?
I get various magazines, and hostess gift ideas are a regular feature. And I always kind of write it off as a "highbrow" society thing. And, of course, I don't run with highbrow society, so why would I need hostess gift ideas? Scoff.=)

I have a sil who always, ALWAYS brings me some kind of hostess gift, whenever they come over. She has brought me plants and flowers, and cookies. And it is always so sweet. And I am very appreciative that she appreciates me being the hostess.
Well, after this year's Easter Egg Hunt plant, I made a resolution. I am going to be a hostess gift giver. Of course, this resolution gets tested right away. We are going to visit family tomorrow night. We get together with this particular aunt and uncle about twice a year to play Scrabble. It is their turn to host the game, and our turn to bring dessert. And the hostess gift. (though that isn't their requirement=)) Which means I am scrambling for ideas. Why would I actually use one of the ideas in my magazines?
My very first hostess is going to be...potted herbs. My oregano and thyme both needed thinned. Either I throw it away, or pass it on. I spray painted two glass mugs black, and I am going to get the herbs transplanted once the mugs are dry. One is going to be a combo of the two herbs, and one will just be oregano. They will sit nicely on a window sill, or they can go outside for the summer.

Frugal, practical, kind of groovy
The oregano exclusive looks good. We'll see if the combo takes off.
My MK lady dropped by some new product, so I'm off to "abrase my microderm." 
Have a great weekend!