Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dusting off the Tan (amongst other things)

It is an amazing day here in MI! The sun is shining, and it is already over 50 degrees. It is almost time to work on my runner's tan. Short sleeves and capris will get to see the sun for the first time in several months. I am excited! My first race of the year is Saturday. I am ready-or at least as ready as I will ever be. We are taking part in the Irish Jig. It is a popular 5k in these parts. About 4000 people participate. The weather looks like it is going to hold. This week is consequently a "taper" week. I will run 6-7 miles today (I still haven't decided which route) and 4 on Thursday. And then the plan is to run my Irish heart out on Saturday. I am going to try for my best 5k time ever...which would be under 24 minutes. We'll see if I can make that. Its going to be push-push-pushing the whole time. It would be awesome if could I pull it off. We'll see.
My favorite Irish Jigging group-Leahy

Being Tuesday, it is also my vacuum/dust day. Vacuuming and dusting always perks things up. Things look fresh and clean without that thin (or thick) coating of dust. But, have you noticed the down side of dusting? Here's what I'm talking about. No matter how carefully you dust your hanging frames, they always end up crooked. I think that is why museums screw each side in place. It isn't a security thing. They don't want their frames all askew. And, if you are like me, (and I'm not saying you are, 'cause you probably have your dusting act more together=)) you go through half of the next week between dustings cocking your head at your crookedly hanging pictures. When you finally get them all hanging straight, it's time to haul out the dust rag once again. And the process repeats itself. I haven't straightened all my frames from last week yet. If I dust today, and then eye ball the frames and realign, maybe I'll have a week of straight pictures.
The photograph in Commandant Klink's office
 is often off kilter as the Allies listen in.
To quote Cinderella's nasty stepmother, "I said, 'if...'"=)