Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crudite' Erudite

Erudite-(er u dite) adjective- Having or showing profound knowledge. John was an erudite professor of quantum physics. 
Origin: 1432, from Latin eruditus "instruct," from ex-"out" + rudis "unskilled, rude." (rude would be crude, rough)
1. The erudite prep cook is especially knowledgable of crudités.=)
2. God's omniscience surpasses an erudite knowledge of everything.
3. The crude oil roughneck was an erudite fountain of drilling knowledge.
4. The architect took our rough sketch and turned it into an erudite site plan.

There is actually an Erudite Society...where thought is free and the civilized may congregate for intellectually stimulating discussion. Wow.=) That sounds lofty.
Though, my WWoW goal is to gain an erudite grasp of English vocabulary.