Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleep, coffee, bare feet=smiles

I'm on Christmas break, can you tell? All these extra posts.=)
Yesterday AND today I slept in until 8:00. It has been a long time since that happened. So nice. And then I had my cup of coffee and read my Bible in bed. Coffee in bed is second in pleasure only to having that cuppa with Brian.
I think it is time again for a "smile" post. What little things are making me smile these days?
-Obviously, sleeping in two days in a row. And I can sleep in for the next 11 days guilt free because the pool is closed! Yes!
-Pillows...I love pillows. Heaps and heaps of pillows. Have you ever noticed that bedding advertisements always contain tons of pillows? There is something romantic and luxurious about piles of pillows. And rather inconvenient also-moving them off and on the bed every night and morning.=) Definitely worth it.
-Turkey...the original turkey dinner. Second day turkey leftovers. Third day hot turkey sandwiches. Fourth day turkey, broccoli, stuffing casserole. No cold turkey sandwich yet. Maybe for lunch. Turkey, mayo, salt and pepper. Simple, delicious.
-New running pants...bless the bff. She bought me an amazing pair of running pants for Christmas. They are long(I hate short pants), a nice fit, and motivating. Why not run this time of year when you have awesome duds?
-Meredith...turned 6 months this week. She is 17 pounds 4 ounces, and very long. She is full of those happy baby smiles, that you can't help but smile back at. And she is getting up on her hands and knees. This is a source of excitement for everyone BUT me. I want my baby to remain a baby. Not a crawler! I'm just not okay with that!
-Brian Marcus, Ethan and Elsie...I was going to say that they always make me smile. That would be a stretch.=) But they do make me smile a good deal of the time. I was so proud of them as they recited their poems for our Christmas program this weekend. They said them loud and proud, with good cadence. I love how they laugh at their own corny jokes. When I say corny, I mean corny. Or Ethan's line, "good one, Dad!" It makes me smile every time.=) man has been home a bit lately, and is taking next week off. I am looking forward to long conversations, and lots of coffee, and laughing. And he helped me by folding a load of laundry yesterday. I know I keep saying this. Its not that he is never helpful. He always is willing to do whatever I ask. But he actually saw that it needed done, and did it, without me asking. That was the sweet surprise. But, he is a great man, so what can I say?
-Christmas cards...even though I am not sending them out this year, boy, am I grateful for all the people who are!=) It is wonderful to receive mail that isn't junk or bills. It is a joy to hear from friends and family that we don't get to connect with as often as we'd like. Such a blessing to see how God has worked in their lives the past year.
-Green...personally, I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas. Okay, okay. If it snowed on Christmas Eve in time for a white Christmas, that would make me smile too. But honestly, I have no problem with snow and ice free roads and side walks. Just saying.=)
Look at all those bare feet. They come by it honestly.=)

Find joy and smiles in the little things of life...bare feet and colored toe nails.

Meredith is really into her toes. She even sucks on them.=)

Or whatever floats your boat...=)