Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Short and Sweet

I finished my projects...except for the cleaning and the wrapping. Oh, and some baking.=) My sewing machine and iron are put away, and packages are starting to pile up under the tree. Those would be packages from others, because mine are mostly still unwrapped. I did my last Meijer run until after Christmas. We had a really nice family lunch at one of Brian's suppliers. I was kind of hesitant about all of us showing up. You know, the whole Dutch (free) lunch concept. But there were many families and kids there. Our fit right in. My book club book arrived yesterday, as did my new "Dolphin Uglies" bathing suit. (what's in a name, after all? Brian said it was-interesting. That equals rather ugly.=)) Life is good.

A friend of mine sent this link my way. Enjoy!

Cleaning days are when I am very thankful to live in a smallish
house. With a house this size, you just get finished and would
have to start over.

I'm off to clean my house.