Thursday, December 1, 2011

Makin' a List

It's that time of year again...the Advent calendar is hung, its pockets filled with tootsie rolls(I forgot the chocolate when grocery shopping so we are using what we have=)). And it's time for some projecting. December is always a big projecting month in the Veenstra household. Not house projects-they will reappear come February or March. Gift projects. Usually involving food, sewing machines, paper, wood, and who knows what else.
This year I have some new projects, and some tried and true ones. All are on the easy side. When you have to make 20 of something, time is of the essence. So...
Project #1-Sugar Scrub. You mix some olive oil, white sugar, and essential oil for scent. Package it, and viola! You're done. I hope.=) This is one of those new ones. But it sounds easy. Elsie and I are going to whip this up for the girl cousins. That and a bottle of nail polish. (which we aren't making). Maybe some lotion. Instant pedicure.
Project #2-Oatmeal face mask. Oatmeal, almonds and baking soda. Works wonders, or so they say. I've made it before, never used it. I probably should try it. Maybe makes you look 10 years younger after just one use. =)
Project #3-Fleece blankets, for Elsie and Brian Marcus. The no-sew kind. Just put your back out for the foreseeable future as you cut and tie little strips of fabric. But they are so cozy. Good for long Michigan winter snuggling.
Project #4-2 or 3 skirts for Elsie. She is big into wearing skirts and dresses. I have oodles of material and patterns. May as well use it for something.
Project #5-Wooden boats. This is actually the boys' and Brian's project. They are making boats for all the little boys in our lives. It should be easy. It probably won't be. But I'm staying out of it. So long as they are ready by the 18th to mail, I don't care.
Project #6-Christmas baking. I made my first batch of sugar cookies yesterday. I'm sure I will make another batch-frosted, plus gingerbread men, lemon bars, goodie bars, toffee bars, sandies, and biscotti. These cookies will be enjoyed by our family and friends all month. Theoretically. Once they're made.=)I always give the mailman a plate of cookies. A big plate. He says they never make it home.=)

So, that's the list.=) I have no idea when its going to happen.=) The little things I can accomplish in an afternoon. I will probably do a sewing day once we start Christmas break. And a baking day. And as under the tree fills up with pretty packages, I will smile at that glorious sight.

Notice that Christmas cards didn't make the cut. Maybe next year.=)