Saturday, October 1, 2011


I love this word. And I know I use it incorrectly. But its much more fun the way I use it.=) The dictionary entry would look like this:
pro*ject*ing/pro-'jekt-ing vb to perform a house project. Usually used in conjunction with a can of paint, sand paper, sewing machine or a scrub bucket.

I go through "projecting" phases. Usually in the spring when Brian abandons me to go to his yearly Bible study in WI. I figure he deserves whatever he gets when he gets home. Actually, I like to stay busy while he is gone so I don't have time to wither away from missing him. And I don't have to worry much about fancy dinners and daily picking up the components of my projects while he is gone. I dig in, and get lots done.
My current project involves painting the basement wall. I am a firm believer in a can of paint. Have you heard the song by Natalie Cole, "What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours, like the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain...?" Well, what a difference a can of paint makes...$24 dollars, bright clean colors, where there used to be dents, and chips and dirty hands prints." It is amazing. Painting would be in my top 10 list of things I enjoy doing. Big bang for small bucks.
Brian is at a church work day today. I'm home. Not exactly bored. (I get the kids, of course) So I might just haul out that can of "vanilla custard" paint, and transform this wall from "beat up" to "up beat" in no time at all.
I'll post before and after pictures later.=)
Happy Saturday, everyone!