Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyday things that make me smile...

Flowers-roses and lilies, but especially Gerber daisies. I have a pot of Gerber daisies out my kitchen window that makes me smile all summer. And in the winter I try to keep fresh flowers around.
My boys and Elsie-they tell lots of corny jokes, that make me smile in spite of myself.
joke glasses
goggle pictures are always good for a grin
Elsie in all her princess glory
Baby smiles-Meredith's huge toothy grins. I love how when you smile at a baby, they smile back. Its amazing.
Clean babies-that powdery, clean baby smell.

Order and neatness-when everything is in its place, it makes me smile.
Sunshine-I live in MI. Need I say more?
Teaching-telling children stories, and passing on cool things I've learned. It is so much fun to connect the dots, and see the understanding in their eyes.
Pandora stations-Motown, Leahy, and the Beach Boys.
Chocolate-I bet nobody would have guessed that one.=)
Milk and cookies.
Snail mail letters-not just bills and junk.
Coffee-that indescribable first sip of the day. I always have hot cocoa in the first cup. Delicious habit.

The guy that has brought me coffee almost everyday for the past 10 years.
Good books-Personal favorite is Pride and Prejudice. "It is universally understood that a young man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife." Makes me grin every time. And it just gets better. I love character nuances. 
The sound of water-Waves crashing on beaches. Fountains. Waterfalls. I DON"T smile at the sound of rushing water when Brian Marcus is doing the dishes. Nor at the size of the resulting water bill.
Reaching goals.
A good run.
Scotch tape-I LOVE the smell of scotch tape. It is the only thing about gift wrapping that makes me smile.
The scale number slowly creeping downward. I'd smile bigger if it moved faster. But, progress is progress.
Hanging with friends, family, and Brian. That always makes me smile.
Writing this blog-it is a lot of fun.=)
how can you NOT smile at/with them?

Toenail polish-another blog for another day.
Fall-apple cider, donuts, crisp mornings, warm days, colorful trees.