Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 Things I'm Not Doing in 2016

I read Anne Bogel's post this week, and it got my mind a whirring.

What we don't is just as critical as what we do. 

I was mentioning to Mr. Hippie the other day that some times I feel like I am waiting for someone to give me permission to do or not do something. I want someone else to be the responsible adult. But, since we're approaching 40, I guess that we are the responsible adults in this scenario...Sigh...

And (generally speaking) no one is going to make the decisions for us.

We have to be the ones to say yes and to say no.

Bigger sigh...

Here are three things  I've decided I'm not doing this year. (and each is making me exhale a big sigh of relief.)

I'm not cleaning my house. I have heard so many people say that the best decision they ever made was to hire a regular cleaning service. It might be once a month, every other week, or every week, but it is the best decision they ever made. No one regrets it, and everyone wishes they would have started sooner.

Well, the BFF bought me a couple hours of cleaning for Christmas, and I decided to fluff it out with a whole house deal. Best decision ever! I had the crew do some stuff that I haven't gotten to in a while (blinds, tops and fronts of kitchen cupboards), plus do all the regular stuff.

My house looks fabulous! The tub grout is as mildew free as it's ever been. And I'm pretty sure the kitchen sink is more sparkly white than ever before. Things smell clean and look clean. I am so happy! The kids keep commenting about the state of things. You'd think the house had never been clean before.

So, I've decided to have the cleaning service come in once a month. And, it is really affordable. At least I think so. For just over $100, they will whip my house into shape. That's money well spent. And I can sit around drinking tea and eating scones while they work. Or not...

Obviously, I will clean between "cleanings", and so will the kids. But, especially with the kids doing all the vacuuming and dusting now, at least I know that it will get really well done once a month. I can't even tell you how excited this makes me!

Btw, this is a really huge step for me, and I think for all of us who make this specific decision. There is something about house cleaning that connotes a"virtuous/Proverbs 31 woman". And thus, when we let it slip, or hire someone else to do it, we feel like we are failing in our duties. But, that is just not true. It's not. And this year I am refusing to give credence to that lie.

I'm not getting up super early. Okay, so I didn't get up super early last year either, so this really isn't the change. The change is that I'm not feeling guilty about not getting up at 4:30 or 4:45 or 5:00. And I am getting up at 5:30 Monday through Thursday. We are well into making this a habit after doing it eight times now.

We picked 5:30 because it is sustainable. Yes, it gets us out of the pool and gym later, but that's fine. We are going. We are swimming. We are running. And, we are getting close to 8 hours of sleep each night. Which is crucial for my well being.

We've picked sustainable over early. (I'm making a whole new set of pool friends, as all my old ones are walking out as we are walking in...)

I'm remembering what I love about early mornings. And what I love about getting my exercise done first thing. It is such a sense of accomplishment right at the start of the day. What a way to start a day...with a resounding "YES!" I love being showered and dressed, and having my devotions started or completed, plus having had time to talk and pray with Mr. Hippie before my kids ever get up.

I'm also remembering what it is like to not hit the snooze button. And to bolt out of bed. I've been keeping my alarm on my dresser, so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. And once I get out, I may as well stay out...

It's worth the early(-ish) wake up call. It's worth the consistency. It's worth the sustainability.

I'm not gardening this year. At least, not my green beans and my green bean garden area. My soil needs a rest to to rebuild up nutrients. My back needs a rest from the weeding and harvesting. (it hurts every time I work in the garden.)

I will still plant my herb pots, and my tomato garden-because I've not been planting there as long. The tomato garden is 3' by 9'. It won't take long to weed. And tomatoes aren't back breaking to pick.

I also will continue to improve my perennial garden. But, with that, I pretty much weed, move plants, and plant new plants in the spring, and then I leave it to it's own devices. It is not a huge time commitment, and it pays off big aesthetically. I love seeing the riot of color every time I pull into my driveway.

I know it is only just January, but, hardcore gardeners start planning their gardens now. Now I'm planning not to plan. Savvy?

Have you made a conscious choice to not do something this year? What is it?