Monday, August 31, 2015

What I Learned in August

In no particular order...

1. After 14 years of marriage, some things need replaced. Like the clothes iron that I never use (except when I do), that has been dropped a time or two. And won't stay on for more than 5 seconds, when I do get around to using it. Or how about all those Pyrex lids? Not the glass bowls, but the lids. That are all cracked, and bubbled, and generally not terrific looking. They were free (when you open a checking account), and I think they've out-performed themselves.

2. Just because you can, doesn't mean it's easy. (let's not even broach the "can/should" branch of this thought process...) I make this mistake with my running on a fairly regular basis. I think that because I can run 11 miles, it will be a breeze. Yeah. Not so much.

3. Greek Mythology is a huge subject. Almost bigger than Greek history. It was hard to rein myself in as I looked at books and projects.

4. Also, Greek Mythology has some interesting similarities to the Bible on some key points. I'm thinking of Creation, and the Flood just for starters. My theory is that mythology is based on corrupted/rejected truth, but I really have no way to prove that.

5. Sometimes I don't like books that everyone says are great books. Which feels so counter-blogger-culture. Sometimes I read a book that has been well promoted amongst bloggers, and I just don't get the hype when I actually get down to reading the book.

6. (more reminded) Crafts generally don't calm me. They wind me up tighter than a top. But, cooking for my family...that does make me feel very peace'd out. When I am not rushing and being uber efficient, it is such a balm.

7. I really like Jimmy Fallon "Late Night Show" clips. They are my secret vise. I'm not holing up watching the Soaps. I'm watching the newest highlight videos. My favorites are the lip sync battles, and the hashtags.

8. The days crawl, the years fly. Especially when it comes to parenting. But, I am finding that I am really enjoying this particular parenting stage. One teen, one preteen, one 8 year old, and one 5 year old going on 15. They are all rather independent. And they are pleasant at restaurants. Restaurant eating is no longer a sprint to get the meal accomplished before anyone (everyone) has a meltdown. We can slow down and enjoy the experience.

9. Speaking of restaurants, I've learned (by experience) that my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, has these computer device Ziosk things on their tables now. And I don't appreciate it. I'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish. But, I think that more screens that include games, aren't the jive I'm hoping for when I eat at their restaurant.

10. Sleep is a wonderful thing. I didn't think this when I was younger. My mom will tell you that I was up with the dawn. (I'm still up with the dawn...) But, I love sleep. And sleep is so restorative. I can go to bed achy from training, and wake up feeling good. No more achy muscles. It really is amazing.

What did you learn in August?