Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hashtag "All That Randomness"

Sometimes I feel the need to write a post full of complete randomness because there is much to say about many things. So here it goes...

1. Meres is quite the thankful supplicant.  She started her praying career by only thanking God for the food. Amen. Now she goes through her entire day, including everything she has done, thanking God. On Saturday, this included her trip to Meijer to buy my Mother's Day gifts. Which she specifically named as she prayed. She just couldn't hold in her excitement! #SoThankful

2. I cried after my race on Saturday. It wasn't tears of relief. It was tears of disappointment. It took me way longer than I wanted it to. Every time you run a race, you hope you beat your last time. I was 13 minutes over my last time. It sounds like excuses to me-but it was a hard race. It was raining and misting the entire time, so clothes and shoes were soaked. I still had a cold (and had had one for the last 11 days of training) and I felt like I had cotton in my head. I guess the moral of the story is, you win some and you lose some, but you don't give up. #TryAnotherDay

3. Speaking of the race... I saw the elite women runners warm up and start. These are the ladies who clock in at 1:25-1:35 minutes. For 15.5 miles. I've decided that it's all in the outfits. They sport booty shorts and running bras. That's it. If I had that outfit, I'd probably run faster too. #DressForSuccess

4. And speaking of elite female runners. And their outfits. Which show off their bellies... I was very thrilled to see a baby belly on one of the ladies. She has the stretch marks and the bump. Everything else was streamlined and toned. I was so proud of her. She has worked it, and earned the 1:25 time-with at least one kid. #MomRunnersRock
last day of school looks kind of pained, doesn't it? I'm like...just smile...

5. Mr. Hippie's youngest sister is getting married on Saturday. And BMV is an usher. He and his 14 year old cousin. I am hoping this is not a recipe for disaster. My mil told me that all he needs is black slacks and a white dress shirt. Except, all he needs, is a very ridiculous concept at this point in history. He is almost as tall as me, but his waist is about half my waist size. (well, not really, but it sure feels that way) Which makes it very difficult to find pants long enough, but skinny enough, for him. And I don't want to invest in anything expensive because he is bound to outgrow them before the next wedding in August. #ParentingIssuesTheyNeverToldYouAbout

6. My fingernails are blue again. Because LC is convinced that since blue is my favorite color, blue nail polish must be my favorite hue. It's not. I'm a reds and burgundies girl. But priorities, right?! Daughter gets you blue polish for Mother's Day-you wear the blue polish. #WhatIDoForLove

7. Padded bike shorts are the bomb! Like seriously. They look totally geeky. But, they make a huge difference. #NotEnoughJunkInMyTrunk

8. Mother's Day was great. I have chosen to lower my expectations, which is better for everyone. I stopped being a brat, and so did my kids. It just works out much pleasanter all around. I had a nice cup of coffee in bed (like always), went to church, went on a bike ride, enjoyed dinner that Mr. Hippie made with LC, and then took a walk with my sister-in-law. It was good. And humbling. My kids think I am the best mom in the whole wide world. I think that is pretty amazing. #MothersDay2015

9. My yard and garden are in need of some serious attention. But who's got the time for that? No, really, next week is the week. Weeding my perennial garden, moving plants, and planting a new one or two. Weeding the herb containers, and getting those planted too. And weeding my daisy pot, and getting those planted too. Are you noticing a weeding theme? I am. I'd do it this week, but I wouldn't want to mess up my blue nails... #BlueNailsVsGreenThumb

10. Today is our for the year! Tomorrow we will finish up our lectures. And then I smell freedom! #FinallySummerVacation

11. Mr. Hippie noticed that I've read a lot of Jill Mansell's books. I told him not to worry-I only have 1 or 2 left. #FluffAndStuffForTheWin

12. Flowers are the solution to everything. Well, excepting hay fever. But, they sure brighten a room! I've had flowers in vases in my room and in the dining room for the past month. They make me smile, and are so worth the investment. I like the $5 bouquets from Aldi just as much as the $25 bouquets from Meijer. Not that I ever buy the $25 bouquets for myself. Because I don't. But, Mr. Hippie tends to lean more that way, and who am I to complain? #FlowerPower

What hashtags are trending in your neck of the woods?