Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fail to Plan=Plan to Fail

The jury is out on who said it.

When you fail to plan you plain to fail.

Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill both said something along these lines. And, since they both are rather known for their quips, quotes, and general wisdom and common sense, we should stand up and take notice.

How many times have you had grand plans, ambitions, or resolutions that have fallen by the wayside, because you have failed to plan out the small steps needed to reach the goal?

I'm sure, if we are all honest, we'd have to admit it's not been a one time failure. We probably don't even fit into the occasional failure category. Sigh...

Here's another question...

How many of you resolved to eat more healthy in this year of 2015? How many resolved to eat at home more-in order to save money and to eat healthier? How many decided to plan menus week by week?

How many are still doing these things?

How many are eating planned, healthy meals at home?

How many have failed to plan and thus planned to fail?

(You know what I mean. It's why New Year's resolutions get such a bad rap.)

But, what if the planning stage was delegated to someone else? What if the meal planning was delegated to She Plans Dinner? There would be no failure to plan, and thus no plan to fail...

She Plans Dinner provides 2 week menus with 12-15 dinner recipes, plus a complete grocery list that covers all the needed ingredients for the menu.

She Plans Dinner has three separate menu tracks:

Classic Comfort-the familiar tastes of home.

Variety-the adventurous flavors of near and far, with plenty of variety in the meats and sides.

Fit & Healthy-a low carb, high protein, almost gluten-free and dairy-free plan. It showcases delicious meats and vegetables.

She Plans Dinner does the planning for you. All you have to do is shop, cook, and eat. It will save you money. It will save you time. It will help you reach your goal of eating more healthy meals at home.

It has been 1 year since She Plans Dinner first launched! To celebrate our first anniversary, I am running a sale. The coupon code oneyear will get you 50% off any subscription. Simply add the code one year to the box at check out. This code is good for the entire month of April. Feel free to use it for yourself or for someone else. (or both) Think wedding and baby shower gifts, birthday presents, and Mother's Day.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!