Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Spain Adventures in a Photographic Nutshell

So, we are back. And I am faced with jet-lag, dirty laundry, a slight stomach bug bothering multiple Barefoot Hippies, no groceries, and over 1000 photos to sort, edit and watermark.


This is my Spain photograph post. My Spain trip thoughts post will come on Wednesday. 

You will be happy to know that I did not put all 1000+ photos in this post. I whittled it down to 67. And, to save you all that scrolling, I combined the 67 into 17 collages. I know. I impressed myself...

But, I'm easily impressed.

By colorful buildings and intricate architecture. By blue skies and wrought iron balconies. By castles and cathedrals. By sheer weight of 4000 years of history.

Segovia, Spain. Alcazar, the castle and throne room of Isabel and Ferdinand. This is where Columbus got permission and funding to sail the ocean blue.

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia. And the Segovia Cathedral. I loved the clean lines of the outside of this cathedral, with the lesser amount of ornamentation.

Madrid Cathedral, an OLD section of wall, Plaza Major (Madrid)

Entrance to Madrid from the 1800s, random pretty buildings. The castle-like one is the PO

The Royal Castle
(moving on to Jumilla) Cave paintings, climbing to the paintings (freaked me out!!), Ben and Mr. Hippie, Jumilla Castle.
Castles are kind of sprinkled all over Spain on random mountains.
Friends enjoying THE best churros, and the Jumilla Cathedral

I did not realize Spain was so mountainous. What can I say? Geography is not my strong suit. History is.
Mr. Abellan is the father of Loli. He braided a slingshot on the way down the mountain, and then showed us how to use it.
Loli and I. Ana Jo and LC.

Cave house. Olive trees. Jumilla is filled with olive groves, grape vines and wineries. Their wine is amazing.
Also, wine in Spain is cheaper than water. Go figure.

Our kids and their friends...they all had a blast and we miss them a ton.
Paella, Meres and Mercy "her pup"
(moving on to Barcelona) An aqueduct built into a wall, the Barcelona Port, the market which was filled with fruits, vegetables, meat, wine, cheese and flowers. It was awesome. Motifs of Wilfred the Hairy and St. George, patron saint of Catalan. Who even knew Catalan was a thing? Not I. Ignorant no more.
Arc De Triumph, the awesome fountain, a rose window, and my kids...

The Art Museum, Olympic Stadium, Meringues, and the Barcelona Cathedral. (not to be confused with the Sagrada Familia) So, everyone told us we should climb to this castle thing for a good view of Barcelona. We thought they were talking about the Art Museum, but hill went on behind that, which led to the Olympic stadium, and then more hill behind that, which finally led to the castle and some great views.

Gaudi. I can appreciate his talent, but its not my style. Gaudi is rather gaudy. IMHO. Different strokes for different folks.
The Sagrada Familia is amazing and is nowhere near completed. Gaudi's bone house (top right)
Bottom right inspired George Lucas so much that he based Tattoine's buildings on it. at the Barcelona port, the backpacks packed (they worked very well), a cafe bombon,
and old Roman graves.
So, that is a small glimpse of what we saw. I keep thinking of photos I could have included, but then we would be here all day. Congrats on making it to the end....

Happy Monday!