Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Introverts Blog

I used to wonder why 97.9% of bloggers claim to be introverts. Surely the correlating percentage of the population are not introverts. I wondered if it was a fad. Oils, introverts, quinoa, and gluten-free.

(actually, our blog conference organizer made a funny this fall about how it seemed statistically far more likely that someone in our group of 450 bloggers was going to die of gluten and not ebola. At least, I thought it was hilarious. Like snorting laughter hilarious. But, I'm easily amused)

Frankly, I read these stats, about pages, and 3 Things You Should Know About Me posts before a blogging conference, and I half expect the meals and sessions to be almost empty because the bloggers are all introverts.

These ladies have huge blogs with thousands (even millions) of readers. They write books. They speak at all kinds of conferences. Yet a huge percentage claim to be introverts.

It doesn't seem to make sense. It seems contradictory. In common perception: Introverts=shy and mousy. Extroverts=out going and bold.

Right? Wrong.

The key is that they are introverts. Not hermits.

It isn't very odd. It's not incongruous.

In fact, it makes a lot of sense.

Consider this...blogs and social media allow introverts to interact with people and have a voice-on their own terms. From the safety and comfort of their own homes. Without being surrounded by flesh and blood people who are loud and touchy/feely and opinionated.

Blogging allows the deep conversations. It allows the close relationships and friendships. It also allows space and quiet. Blogging allows enthusiasm, and playing to strengths & interests, and confidence. It allows people who would normally not thrive at telling a group about their latest dyi project or recipe concoction or fashion find, to do just that.

Introverts get a bit squirrelly when online and IRL overlap. Like at blogging conferences. When they have to be around a lot of people and small talk with lots of people. The quiet blogger in the fringes may seem very different from their bold and friendly blog persona. (ironically enough, in my experience, some of the loudest interacters in online social media groups, are some of the most introverted IRL)

Which doesn't mean they are fake online or holding up a pretense. It's just that the online arena works very well with an introvert's strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.

All people need interaction-whether you claim to be an extro- or intro-vert. Extroverts want everyone and their neighbor with them. Crowds and noise. It makes them feel energized and ready to rumble. Everyone is their friend.

Introverts like hanging with people, but they prefer small groups. One or two people. A handful. Introverts consider it a good party or event, when they have one or two good conversations. Deep talks. That is how they are energized.

And, like I said, blogging allows for that. Which is why I am no longer surprised when a blogger tells me they are an introvert.

What do you think?