Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life Lately: Verbs Edition

Making: button bracelets for the girls. I started LC's back in April. Finished it today. Meres wanted one too. I decided the prudent thing to do would be to start and finish on the same day. Otherwise it might not be ready until she ties the knot.

Drinking: water, coffee, and tea. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Wanting: a butcher block for food photography

Watching: Maleficent. If you like Sleeping Beauty (it's my most favorite Disney movie besides Cinderella), this might not be your favorite movie. Just sayin'. Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Hilarious. Clean. I didn't know what we were getting into, but it was well worth the watching.

Listening: Judah and The Lion, The Piano Guys. Judah and The Lion were the concert at Allume this year. They are a toe-tapping folk band. It reminded me of one of the groups at the Blue's Concerts this summer. And The Piano Guys. Loving their newest album, Wonders. But, their music videos are where it's at.

Eating: all kinds of new things. The Fit & Healthy plan for She Plans Dinner has me trying out all sorts of new recipes. And so healthy. I shared my favorite last Friday. But, it is just one of many. Seriously, you should sign up.

Smelling: cookies baking.

Wishing: that the snow would go away until December 20, and then hang around until January 15. And then be done for another winter.

Enjoying: reading. When I am not reading I forget how much I enjoy reading. I love both fluff and stuff that entertains me and solid stuff that challenges me.

Loving: online shopping and getting packages in the mail almost daily. It's the thrill of non-bill, non-junk mail.

Hoping: that 2015 is the year that She Plans Dinner takes off. All I need is Not really. I am grateful for each and every person who has shown faith in my dream and has signed up. But, the work is the same, whether I am making menus for 10 people or 10,000. The income is slightly better for 10,000 though.=)

Needing: sunshine. Lots of sunshine and warmth.

Feeling: really rested and at peace.

Wearing: Jeans, and these awesome long-sleeved Tek Gear t-shirts from Kohls, and cozy infinity scarves. Everyday. Can I just say that I wish they came in black and white, and I may run out to Kohls to buy another couple because they are that warm and comfortable, plus I like the tailored lines? And the price!

Bookmarking: But, who needs bookmarks? Just turn down the page corner. Seriously, this and this. Not a pleasant topic, but so needful in our culture. Oh, and the Kohl's link above, so that I can get me some more of these t-shirts.

What have you been doing lately?