Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Art Prize Part Two

I know Art Prize has been done for a week and a half, but I still wanted to share these photos. For my own enjoyment and future reference. I'm mean-who does scrapbooking anymore? It's all on the blogs.

So, the grand prize winner was a box thing with scroll work that had a light bulb in it. It had to do with something Islamic. It was pretty, but I didn't make it in to see it again-thus no picture.

I feel that we covered a lot of ground at Art Prize this year, in between our 5 trips. We saw lots of good art, and lot of meh art. It's all taste. 

There were more 2D entries than any previous year. Paintings, drawings, photographs, mosaics and murals. It was fun to see the variety of mediums and techniques. I'm definitely inspired again. To make sure my kids get some art in their education.

Without further ado...
4000 paper origami cranes. The different groups represent the seasons.

tiny cranes. 

the Blue Bridge on a fall day at Art Prize

random, modern, cool

Freckles chilling out between exhibits

the girls drinking Starbuck's caramel apple cider

one of the top 3-D entries. Molded glass. Scene from Lake Michigan.

the kids like touching that says it is OKAY TO TOUCH.

a rather realistic painting

a top entry in the time lapse category. music, quotes and scripture. Light out of darkness.

an set of pencil drawings of soldiers.

3D winner. whimsical.

I love watching the turtles every summer at the outdoor concerts we attend. These reminded me of them.

This sculpture's message-you can reach your goals. It may be hard, but just keep climbing.

this one is called heart. A mom and a daughter. Love it.

this is a chalk drawing. Incredible!

a kiragami eagle

reminded me of ancient Greek or Roman art

eagle and the cat

carved from one piece of wood.

I really liked this painting. It is something I'd hang in my home.

cranes from the earlier exhibit. I'm just too lazy to fool with moving it.

a marble octopus. I love the colors in the marble.

this is an ink drawing. Kids and pasta. I'd also display this one.

moving in its own weight. rather like kinetic balls or something.

no commentary. just interesting. variety.
Another year, another dollar...