Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What I Don't Do

We all have things we do that we loved to do. Things we feel called to do. Things that make us feel alive.

We all have things we do because they fall into the realm of our responsibility. As wives, mothers, home-makers, employees.

We all only have so much time. 24 hours in a day. 168 hours in a week. A very finite amount of time. So, in order to do the things we are called to and the things we love and the things that are our responsibilities, we all have things we don't do.

Every yes has its corresponding no. I even think that every yes means you are saying no to several things.

It's the best yes.

I'm not talking about facetious no's. I mean conscientious and deliberate choices. They are no's to things that are often good things. And sometimes the no's are for a season.

Such as the fact that Mr. Hippie wants us to participate in both a full marathon and a half Ironman. I know that I could do either/or with training. But, its the training that is the hitch right now. I can't give the hours required each day for training at this point in time. My kids are too young still. But, in another couple years, it will be possible.

A lot of the things I don't do are a matter of time. I am choosing not to devote my limited time to them in this season.

I don't...


-eat organic (or gluten-free, Paleo, or anything else)

-brush my girls' hair somedays. (this probably falls into the realm of responsibility, but, I'm just being real...)

-read my kids' bedtime stories. (we read at lunch time. Bedtime is NOT my finest hour.)

-throw elaborate parties. (I am good at facilitating, and feeding, but not the elaborate decorating stuff.)

-lead in the Bible study that I led for 10 years. (I now only attend as a participant.)

-do laundry on Tuesdays, Thursdays or the weekends.

-iron. (like ever)

-do my own taxes. (I assemble the info, and then spend about an hour per year with our tax guy. It saves me major stress.)

-can and freeze like my mom did. (It is no longer the most economical option-especially since I also don't....)

-have a humongous garden.

-do well child check ups. (I've taken one child to one. I waited almost an hour past my scheduled appointment time for the doctor to tell me my child was healthy. I already knew that.)

-Instagram. (its my one more social media thing)

-do late nights. (going to bed late and getting up early don't jive)

-clip coupons. (ain't nobody got time for that!)

I think the goal is to say yes to the best as much as possible. Whether that best yes is to scrubbing toilets, or exercising, reading to your kids or making dinner, taking a nap or writing a blog post.

What don't you do?