Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Investment Piece

I'm sure we are all familiar with the term investment piece. Investments pieces are usually clothe or furniture items that you pay more up front for because you know they are built to last. They won't go out of style. They will be passed down to your kids.

I think of my friend Ann, who is wearing some of her mother in law's designer dresses from several decades ago. They are classy, well made pieces that will always be in style. Even when retro isn't.

We have bought a few investment furniture pieces, and we have inherited a few more. The buffet in our living room was from Mr. Hippie's aunt. I think it came to her from her dad. We have also invested in three pieces (my corner hutch, glider rocking chair and ottoman) of Amish furniture. Gorgeous, sturdy oak pieces, that should last forever. They were all expensive, but they will never have to be replaced. Which definitely makes them worth it.

We also bought a used John Widdicomb chest of drawers. John Widdicomb's furniture line was all very well made, and often cost thousands of dollars new. I balked a bit at spending a couple hundred dollars for a used anything, but this is the nicest dresser we own. The drawers slide out smoothly. It is all real wood. It is gorgeous. And it has already outlasted the several other dressers we bought that weren't as good quality.

Investment pieces are worth the investment. They prove worthy-time and again.

We also have a more intangible investment piece. It has cost us much, but it is worth the investment. It is our marriage.

The question is: are you investing in your marriage? Are we?

Are you putting forth the time, effort, resources and even money required to invest in your marriage? Investing in your marriage on the front end will save you a whole lot of headache and heartache on the back end.

Your investment might look like counseling-premarital and marriage counseling. Counseling shouldn't only happen when things are in an emergency state. Good counsel is desirable as maintenance.

Your investment might look like date nights and weekends away. It might look like date nights at home after shuffling the kids off to bed.

Your investment might look like marriage enrichment classes. I'd highly recommend this series by Chip Ingram. It is good, Biblically based teaching that is very practical.

Your investment might look like time spent together. Watching movies, talking, drinking your beverage of choice, laughing, running, biking.

Your investment might look like a new piece of lingerie and some candles. Or flowers or chocolate or a card.

Your investment might look like your love languages lived out.

For us Barefoot Hippies, our current marriage investment looks like getting our rears in gear at 4:45 on Monday mornings to go for a swim and then for a bagel date. It looks like praying together. It looks like playing together. It looks like going to marriage enrichment class and facing the hard questions. It looks like not giving up ever-no matter the pain or work involved. It looks like admitting we have problems, and working together for solutions.

However you are investing in your marriage, it is vitally important that you are investing. It will cost you. But if you don't invest in your marriage, it will end up costing you more. Much more.

The investment will be worth it. Because your marriage will last. It will stand the tests of time. It will pass down a good heritage to your children.

How are you investing in your marriage this week?