Monday, August 11, 2014

There's No Such Thing as Packing Light (for a Triathlon)

And I'm not even joking.

It's a totally different ball game than lacing on your running shoes and hopping in your car to get to a 5k (or even a 25k). It blows my list of essential running gear right out of the water. Literally.

3 Disciplines. 3 completely different looks. Though looks may not be the aim of the gear...=)

It takes planning, and a bit of finger crossing that you don't forget anything vital.

So, you start out with the swim. Which generally involves a swim suit-or tri suit. Also: goggles, nose plugs (if you believe in magic), a swim cap and a wet suit-if you are hoping for some extra help.

And then the bicycle portion. Bike, bike shoes, socks, mandatory helmet, sunglasses (to keep out the sun and the bugs) and water bottles.

The run includes running shoes (which are generally different shoes than the bike shoes), hat, and shirt or shorts to pin your number on.

But, that's not all, folks. There also is transition gear. Which often consists of a towel to dry your feet, and sometimes extra water to rinse sand off before you put your shoes on.

And that is just what you provide...

At triathlons you don't just get a race bib with your number. You get a number to attach to your bicycle. And sometimes a sticker number to put on your helmet. Plus you get the bib number that you must have on you when you run (or walk, or crawl, as it may be) through the finish line. And a timing chip that is often an anklet. Oh, and not only do you have numbers on all your gear, you are actually marked on the arm and calve-with your number and age. No fudging there. I guess it's a mercy that they don't ask for your weight to be displayed.

The ├╝ber prepared amongst us also bring a change of clothes so they don't have to ride home in the soggy/stinky gear.

Personally, I beef up my gear allowance by always wearing my sandals to the tri. For good luck or something.

It's pretty radical.

But fun.

Are you a light packer?