Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lovable Quirks

We all have quirks. Some are certifiable grade quirks. Some are just slightly odd.

-I always eat two M&M's at the same time. And generally I eat pairs of the same color first.

-I rarely start a book at the beginning. I read the last few pages to make sure it has a decent ending, and then decide if it is worth my time.

-I also will scan through a book following a character or circumstance. And then I finish reading through the book page by page.

-I hum to myself. When I am driving and biking. Even when I am with other people.

-I didn't wear red nail polish for many years. It reminded me of a photo I saw of the Hindu goddess Shiva (or something). Her finger and toe nails were painted blood red. It had something to do with human sacrifice.

-I love walking barefoot outside-in the dirt, sand, water. Basically whatever. I hate the feel of gritty, unswept floors. Don't.even.ask...

-When I shop for clothes, my eye is always drawn towards anything coral. I am not sure if it is because it looks good on me, or because I like the fall color palette. Regardless, I have to remind myself that it really isn't necessary to own 3 or 4 coral colored dresses.

-I talk to myself. It is the only way to be sure I am connecting with someone at my own intellectual level.

-I laugh out loud (LOL)-at the movies, or watching shows, or listening to sermons, or when I am reading a funny book. I'm an appreciative audience....

-I hold internal debates (with myself) over whether to cut and display my garden flowers (and thus shorten their life span) or leave them in the garden.

-I can hang a spoon on my nose.

-Looking for hotels seriously stresses me out. Every time. The brands, the price, the location, the availability.

-I had my first grey hair when I was 18. Now my eyebrows are turning grey too.

-I love reading pulp fiction aka fluff & stuff. I try to space it out on occasion with a biography or poetry or a business book.

-I regularly will pick a previously read book up from the library. Not one like Pride and Prejudice. (a read it again classic) A book that I've forgotten I've read. But then I read the fly leaf (and the back few pages) and think it sounds like a fun read, and so I will check it out again. About 50 pages or so into it, I realize the book is awfully familiar...

-I'd much rather wear a short-ish skirt than shorts. I don't like the way my legs look in shorts?

Well, that was my list. I asked Mr. Hippie for his contributions...

-I say sump-theen instead of something. I do.

-My eyes twitch when I have too much caffeine. It's cumulative.

And, then he wisely decided that it might be better to quit while he was ahead. Prudence being the better part of valor and all that...

What are some of your quirks?