Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fiction and I Don't Mix the evenings. Or maybe we mix too well.

Is it just me? I have a problem reading fiction at night. It's not really in the reading. It's in the stopping reading.

I have a really hard time putting fiction down. The story bleeds from one chapter into the next. (which is actually the sign of a good author/editor). I must keep reading to find out what happens.

I promise. Just one more.

Until the book is done. Or it's after midnight. Whatever comes first.

Fiction chapters are awfully like potato chips.

Jays claims that you can't stop eating 'em. Lay's hooks with you can't eat just one. How about Pringles...once you pop, you can't stop.


It doesn't bode well for my beauty sleep.

I don't have this problem with non fiction. Give me a biography or business book, and I have no problem closing it by bedtime. I will even be nodding off 15-20 minutes before bedtime. I will be propping me eyelids open and willing myself to at least finish one.more.paragraph. before I nod off. My brain has been calmed and lulled into a sense of peacefulness. I am sleepy and ready to tuck it in.

Every time.

So, in the flexibility of summer schedule, I do spend more time reading fiction later into the night. School year schedule, I have to park on the (relatively) dry non fiction after 8:00.

Sigh...last week of reading fiction before bed. Gotta get than John Grisham finished.

How about you?