Thursday, June 12, 2014

You Can't Afford Not To

You can't afford not to...

-read this blog. But, obviously you already knew that because here you are reading it. If you stopped reading, you might miss some witticism or at least a great recipe...

-plant your own herbs. They are so easy to grow. And they are much cheaper to use from your own pots than from the store.

-exercise. It increases your energy levels, the sweat cleans out your pores and the sunshine gives your complexion a healthy glow.

-laugh. Laughter is better than medicine. Those great belly laughs. Snickers. Whatever. Laugh.

-get a She Plans Dinner subscription. At just $5 a month-for 30 complete dinners with recipes and assembled grocery list. Think of the time and money you will save! New menus go out on Sunday. Are you signed up?

-read my post about finances (and things you can't afford not to do with your finances) on Womanhood with Purpose today.

So go read that post and then go outside and enjoy today!