Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Chance to Live

I was probably 9 or 10 the first time I read the story of the 5 martyrs in Ecuador. I remember being impressed with how much they had accomplished for God in their short lives (27-33 years). I remember being challenged by their example to make tracks and live my life all out for God too.

I have read the various and sundry accounts of their lives many times since then. I am always challenged to serve well in the time I have, as it may be short.

This year I am telling these men's stories to the kids at our VBS. So, once again I read their stories. Through the Gates of Splendor. Pete Fleming. Unfolding Destinies. Dayuma. Jungle Pilot. Shadow of the Almighty.

And, once again, I am challenged. I'm challenged by their lives.

They were normal guys. They weren't "super" spiritual fanatics. They were guys-like most any 20-30 something guys you'd run into. They liked to laugh and have fun. They played football and basketball and wrestled.

They faced the same struggles we do. They didn't have an edge on Christian life victory that we know nothing about or can't possibly experience. They had fears, and challenges, physical issues, relationships, personalities, faults and failures. They were human. They were sinners. They were not perfect.

They were obedient. They were faithful. They were vessels used by God.

My life span is already longer than each of the martyrs'. I don't know how long my life will be, but my race would no longer qualify as a sprint. I'm in it for the long haul. The marathon.

I've not been called to a foreign field. So far, I've not been called to die for the Lord.

But, I have been called. I've been called to be a wife and a mother. A teacher and a blogger.

I've been called. 

My call is to be faithful. To earnestly and whole-heartedly serve the Lord in the day to day. In the mundane of laundry and cooking and schooling and cleaning.

Am I being faithful to my call? Am I as devoted to Christ? As loving of people? As disciplined?

Am I being faithful to the whatever? Am I putting my all into into my call? Is it no holds barred? Or am I reserving corners of myself, my life?

the 5 widows in 2002 (source)
I'm also challenged by the wives' lives. All but one remained missionaries in Ecuador after their husband's death. None felt their call to serve God had ended because their husband had been killed. Because their world had been rocked by the killing thrust of a spear.

They were faithful to their call too.


You and I-we've been given the chance to live for the Lord. How are we doing at it?