Monday, May 19, 2014

Things I think are Overrated

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I want to go on record as this being totally my opinion and it fits into the different strokes for different folks category.

But, personally, I think many things are overrated. It may be my anti-fad/anti-bandwagon personality. There are several current trends that you'd not catch me joining.

Target. I am not a fan of Target. I maybe shop there once a year, and that is probably a generous estimate. I don't buy food, clothes or groceries there. I just don't. I know that somehow makes me way less of a blogger, but its the truth. No Target.

Gender reveal parties/announcements. Blame it on Pinterest or social media, but there seems to be a plethora of these happenings. I wonder what ever happened to the giving birth-its a ____ moment.

Tattoos. I can't fathom sticking yourself with needles (I HATE needles. And needle pain.) to have a forever permanent mark on your body that you may not love in a couple years.

Skinny jeans. I don't like having to wiggle into my jeans. I don't like having material tight around my muscles-calves. I don't like the muffin top that skinny jeans produce on me.

Instagram. I know it is a fun thing. And I really have no reason to knock it. At this point in time though, Instagram is my one.more.thing. That is not going to happen. I am balancing 2 websites, 2 Twitter accounts, 3 FB pages, and 2 Pinterest accounts. It is almost a full time job managing my social media. Which is why the main reason Instagram is not happening for me.

Carb free living. I gave up chips, chocolate and candy for the month of May. Which has actually translated into very few sweets in my life so far this month. A donut or two, and dessert twice. Its a modern miracle. But, it must be noted that I did not give up bread. Are you kidding me?! I seriously would rather die a quick or slow and painful death than to give up bread. That is not an exaggeration.

Ironing. Who irons? That is what permanent press was invented for. I iron when I sew. That's it.

Beer. Seriously overrated. Yes. It tastes disgusting every time. No, I probably won't like this one if I try it.

Alaskan Cruises. If I ever cruise, I want to cruise in a tropical climate. Sunshine. Warmth. Not winter jackets and snow boots.

Things that are underrated....listening to podcasts while dusting. Pots of tea. Toe rings. Wind chimes. Good books. Friends that paint pictures for you. Friends that cook for you. Friends period. Sunrises. Sunsets. Full moons. People you know cheering you on at a race. Trouser cut jeans. Laughter. Bike rides. Running. Black t-shirts. White t-shirts. Ann Taylor dresses. Moscato. Bread. Barefeet. Spring.

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What do you think is over/underrated?