Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Unconventional Wedding Gifts for 2014

Wedding season is upon us, once again. And with weddings come wedding gifts. Now, if you are at all like me, you really don't like shopping the registry. You want to buy something unexpected and unique. Something that will be appreciated and not immediately buried in the back room. Something that is not the proverbial pink flamingo.

In this list I have assembled 10 items that are unique or useful or both. The prices range greatly.

1. Folding chairs/table (here) ($49.97, Walmart) You really almost can never have too many folding chairs. And a folding table is always handy. We wore out the set we were given for our wedding. They were so helpful.

2. Gift card to a Nursery to buy Perennials (as much as you want, wherever you want) If you have ever invested in plants for a garden, you know the value of this gift. Perennials are plants that (reportedly) last forever. They are investment pieces that keep on bringing color and foliage year after year after year. This is a particularly good gift for those couples who already own a home.

3. Striped area rug (here) ($39.99 to $229.99, World Market) The sky really is the limit as far as rugs, prints, materials, personal tastes & styles and pricing.

4. His and Her KeyHolders (here) ($36.95, Amazon) This made me smile and grimace. If you only knew the hours of my married life that I have devoted to finding my husband's keys...Practical...

5. Personalized Chop Sticks (here) ($32.95 for one set) Just because....This would be for the couple you know who love Asian food. Or the convenience of Chinese take out.

6. Adesso Carafe (here) ($54.95 Crate and Barrel) A carafe is the perfect gift for any couple. Even ones who aren't big into entertaining. Carafes are pretty for daily or special use. I like the modern look of this one.

7. Famous Couples Canvas Art (here) ($90, Red Envelope) I love this gift because it is cool and very few people would shudder to hang it in their home. Plus it equates the couple's love story with the like of Romeo and Juliet and Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Who wouldn't love that?!

8.  Fan pulls (here) ($11.95 each, Joan's Gems) Fan pulls are my new go-to wedding or bridal shower gift. Each set is uniquely made for the person. They add a nice focal point to any light or fan pull. I have bought several sets-for myself and others.

9. Wine of the Month Club (here) ($20 per month-$240 per year, Lynfred Winery) A wine club membership is a gift that keeps on giving. Depending on the State, a winery can mail most non sparkly wines. So, this gift is not location dependent. If you'd prefer a more one time offering, gift a couple of your favorite bottles.

10.  Menu planning subscription (here) ($5 per month, She Plans Dinner) Another gift that keeps on giving. Young couples are trying set up house and live within a budget. She Plans Dinner takes a step or two from that process by supplying them with a menu, recipes and grocery list subscription that arrives in their inbox on the 15th and 30th of each month. To gift a subscription to someone else, enter your payment info, but their name and email address.

I hope this list sparks creative ideas for you and your wedding gift shopping this summer.

Happy gifting!