Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Real Women Have...

Real women have curves. It's not a bad April Fool's Day joke, it's the blessed truth. They also have...

1. Real women have grey hairs. I don't know about you, but I've gotten mine from the driving of the real men in my life.

2. Real women have stretch marks. They may be on your belly, or arms or legs or somewhere else...but they are somewhere. They are from babies, or any number of other reasons. And all the cocoa butter in the world won't erase them. I know, I've tried.

3. Real women have wrinkles. Under your eyes, on your neck, or on your forehead. No matter how much your moisturize, you probably have some wrinkles if you are over 30. And though I use MK products, I have decided that there is no way I want to end up looking like MK. Just sayin'.

4. Real women have bad hair days. Days when you have bed head, or cowlicks, or poof, or kinks, or flat when you want curl, or curl when you want flat. Hats are a life saver. Why did women here in the States give them up?

5. Real women have curves. If you are twiggy-with or without a lot of hard work-congratulations. That is wonderful and beautiful in and of itself. The rest of us have some meat on our bones. It is just how we are constructed. And I keep fighting the good fight to stay where I am.

6. Real woman have muscles. Because we are working. Whether we are working cleaning our house, or exercising, we have some muscle built.

7. Real woman have chips in their finger nail polish. Or they don't wear finger nail polish. Or they have broken nails. OR nails pared rather short because they broke a nail, or don't want to scratch their child. Because, real women have to use their hands. To cook and clean, and take care of kids. We can't just gaze at a gorgeous manicure while sipping mimosas. Even if that is our secret heart's desire.

8. Real woman huff and puff and sweat while exercising. Especially while trying to follow exercise DVDs. Seriously, they must practice and practice to make those moves look easy. I look like I'm dying when I am exercising.

9. Real woman have skin blemishes-whether temporary or permanent. Acne is not just a teen affliction. Bummer. It follows you through your life as you eat too many nuts, or too much chocolate, or too many potato chips. And we have freckles, and moles, and warts, and scars. Because we LIVE.

10. Real women aren't photogenic. Or at least, they don't think they are. The advent of digital cameras has made it look like our children just popped into the world on their own, because there is a distinct lack of photos of the moms. They all get deleted because we don't like our smile, or hair, or teeth, or we think we look fat. That is-if we were even in the photo. I have found that it solves the problem nicely by just being the family photographer.

11. Real women have imperfect bodies uniquely designed by the Almighty, All-knowing God if the Universe. Real women realize that each scar or wrinkle or stretch mark or pound or curve may not be what we want them to be, but each is a badge of honor. Real women count each blemish as a blessing from God, a reminder of the blessings He has generously showered on us in the form of babies, husbands, and dreams come true.

Can I get an "Amen, Sister?"