Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Spring Day

I am sitting in my backyard. It is a glorious day-a glorious moment.

The trees are still bare-except for that fuzzy look.

There is still a pile of snow in my neighbor's yard.

But it is brilliantly sunshiny. The temps are in the 50s (albeit low 50s). My irises are making tracks, and the daffodils are seriously considering opening their green leaves to unfurl their spring yellow.

I can smell the pungent scent of a skunk in the neighborhood.

My flip-flops are gracing my toes, and my shoes have taken up their summer residence under my dresser.

The windows are open. The newly washed rugs are drying over the fence.

I hear my wind chimes tinkling in the breeze and it is apparent that it is no longer winter. We aren't on the cusp. It is definitely spring.

And we all heave a huge sigh of relief and thank the Lord that we survived another cold, grey, snowy winter.

Winter is the time for dormant and burrowing, dreaming and barely surviving.

Spring is the time to stretch the wings of your dreams. It is the time to revel in new life and new starts. New plans to flush out. New goals to pursue.

Renewed energy, motivation and purpose.
April 2013

April 2014-Look how they've grown!

Happy Spring!