Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ode to Candy Holidays

*Note: this probably could also be named Owed to Candy Holidays...

It should be noted that holidays, for me, are all about the candy.

Not the decorations. Not the spiritual significance.(though that is important. I just forget amidst the candy on occasion) Not even the food (though that would be a close second). Not the gatherings. And certainly not the gifts...

It's all about the candy. And the bummer fact is that we are now in the candy deficit months. The candy-less holiday months.

So, this is the candy breakdown starting with Halloween, and running about 6 consecutive months-plus or minus-depending on where Easter falls on a given year.

Halloween is summed up in the candy corns, but preferably the candy corn pumpkins. Something about the sugary goodness is much more pronounced and more delicious in the pumpkins, as opposed to the corns. But, beggars won't be choosers.

Christmas is chocolate. The bells and the balls of solid chocolate. Or peanut butter filled chocolate. Or sweet cream filled chocolate.

Valentine's Day, on the other hand, has nothing to do with chocolate. It is too over-priced at this time of year. No, Valentine's Day is best enjoyed through conversation hearts. Those nuggets of sweetness that beat Twitter any day of the year for minimum number of characters to get your point across.

And Easter. Ah...Easter. Peeps. Need I say anything more? Marshmallow covered in pink or yellow or blue sugar? Wow! But, the amazing thing about Easter is not just the Peeps, but the jelly beans. Preferably, the fruit flavored jelly bellies. Hmmm...Or how about those Cadbury Eggs? Mmmm. Chocolate Eggs filled with drippy, rich fondant. Heavenly. Or, at least what my version of heaven tastes like...

Yes. It is sad.

Sad that when I am lamenting the holidays and the next six months, that my husband knew exactly what I was going to say about the absence of holiday...candy. He literally took the words right out of my mouth. I guess I am predictable if nothing else.
So, at least one one these offspring take off after their mom. It might be the one on the far right.
She, who must not be named, stayed up the night of our Easter Egg hunt to eat all of her sister's bounty.
Let's just say that the sister was not pleased. And the culprit was on a sugar high...

Someone really should come up with a candy concoction for Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. They'd make a fortune. From me.

Which, incidentally, is why I run, and swim, and bike.

Just sayin'.

Happy Tuesday.=)